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Andersen Windows vs Milgard Windows

A comparison of window manufacturers: Andersen Windows vs Milgard Windows

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Choosing between brands of windows for new home construction or remodeling involves more than choosing a style or color that fits the home's exterior. For example, a look at Andersen windows vs. Milgard windows shows that there are distinct differences between brands, not only in the materials used for window construction, but also in the ways in which the windows affect heating-and-cooling costs. By examining these differences, homeowners can make an informed buying choice between the two brands, choosing a window not only for its visual appeal, but also to provide the best protection and energy efficiency possible.

Style varieties
Andersen WindowsIn a comparison between Andersen windows vs. Milgard windows, most homeowners will look primarily at the various styles of windows available. Both brands offer enough models to fit most design needs. Andersen windows offer several casement window types, including bay- and bow-window designs that use multiple windows to provide more light for a room. Complementary windows are also available from Andersen, with dual windows mounted in a single frame to increase the ventilation from a single window opening. Milgard offers the same level of choice as Andersen, also providing single and double-hung windows as well as casement windows that allow homeowners to open the full window sash. In addition to standard windows, Milgard also carries garden windows which enable homeowners to add greenhouse additions to any room without altering the window jamb for installation.

Manufacturing materials
Milgard WindowsA direct comparison of Andersen windows vs. Milgard indicates differences in the materials used to construct the two window brands. While both window brands offer traditional wooden frames on both exterior and exterior surfaces, Andersen also offers a patented composite material that's more durable than wood and requires less maintenance. The Andersen material Fibrex material also aids in energy efficiency by helping to keep wind from passing through the edges of the window frame. Milgard windows are also available in a variety of materials besides wood. Vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum frames are also offered by the company, providing lightweight and durable alternatives to the traditional wooden frames.

Customization and energy efficiency
Both Andersen and Milgard windows provide enough of a range of window models to allow consumers a direct one-on-one choice between the two brands. Both manufacturers offer custom sizing for the available windows, which helps to even out the competition between brands greatly. Both also offer energy-efficient options, including low-e glass, the Fibrex composite material used by Andersen and the thermally improved aluminum frames crafted by Milgard. With so many similarities between brands, the choice often comes down to the windows' cost.

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Don't be cheap

There’s a tendency for homeowners, particularly if they are doing it themselves, to tend to go with the lowest prices on everything. Windows are not the place to compromise. Windows aredesigned to literally plug up a hole in a wall in your home. If you choose something that’s less expensive and less efficient, you can end up paying for it for decades in your energy bills. Since a new set of windows from either Milgard or Andersen can be expected to last 20 years or more,it can be a very long time of paying for cheap, less energy efficient windows.

Shop around and watch the papers

Periodically, you’ll see sales on windows in the newspaper or online at the stores’ websites. If you know what you need, you can purchase your windows over the course of months and save a lot of money. The same applies to working with an installer; they can watch for discounts and specials on the windows you need to save you money.

While the cost of new windows is largely determined by the window type, materials and size chosen, an accurate windows estimate covering the price to install windows into your home can be found through a contractor. You may find contractors available in the listings at Reply! A contractor can provide you with the cost of installation, which factors in labor costs. With this information on hand, you can make the ultimate buying decision between Andersen windows vs. Milgard, choosing the windows that fit both your architectural and heating needs.

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