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  • GE vs Frigidaire air conditioners: a comparison guide

GE vs Frigidaire air conditioners: a comparison guide

Comparing GE vs. Frigidaire air conditioners is one of the easiest ways to decide which unit you want to bring home.

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Choosing the wrong new air conditioner can result in high electric bills and costly repairs. Comparing GE vs. Frigidaire air conditioners is one of the easiest ways to decide which unit you want to bring home. These companies make everything from window units to central air conditioning systems.

GE air conditioiners

GE vs Frigidaire air conditioners: Seen here is a GE mini-split unit.Some people do not live in houses where they can use central air. If you rent, need to save money or have a smaller house, you might opt for a smaller air conditioning unit. As you compare GE vs. Frigidaire air conditioners, take a look at the built-in wall units and window units available from General Electric.

You'll find air conditioner prices starting at a few hundred dollars, and you can find a great unit for less than $1,000, which is far less than you'd pay for central air conditioning. These units satisfy your home cooling needs. You can find Energy Star rated appliances that use less energy.

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Window units fit in a variety of window types and styles around your house. While built-in or wall units fit inside vents in your house to take up less room. One advantage of these devices is that if you move to a different house, you can take your air conditioner with you. 

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GE vs Frigidaire air conditioners

Frigidaire built-in room air conditionerWhen you look at GE vs. Frigidaire air conditioners, you'll see that Frigidaire makes more types than GE does. Frigidair makes a portable air conditioner with wheels that let you position it around the room. You can even wheel the AC outside or carry it upstairs when you need to store it during the off-season.

Both Frigidaire and GE make wall and window units that you can use around the house when you're concerned about the temperature in a specific room or space.

If you want to make an investment in your future, why not install air conditioner units that are a little more permanent? An HVAC unit from Frigidaire is something that you can use for years. It provides the right amount of cooling for multiple rooms, and you can even adjust the temperature in different rooms.

Frigidaire makes ductless air conditioners that you can use when you don't have the right ducts for central air. You'll need to hire a contractor if you want to use the warranty on your AC, but many contractors will give you an air conditioner estimate before installing anything in your home. 

Today could be the day you bring home a new air conditioner that will keep your family cool for this summer and future summers. After comparing GE vs. Frigidaire air conditioners, meet with contractors for estimates or start shopping.

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