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Asphalt roofing colors and styles (slideshow)

Make your home as unique as you with a new asphalt roof. You're not limited to traditional styles and colors. Find your roofing contractor now.

4 smart, spring home improvement ideas

Spring cleaning is the perfect time for home improvement. These home projects offer a high value for cost. For those you can't do yourself, find contractors now.

Champion vs Tamko asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

A Champion vs. Tamko asphalt roofing shingle comparison is a great way to determine which shingles are best for your home.

Champion vs IKO asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

If you need to install asphalt shingle roofing and want to compare Champion vs. IKO roofing products, this guide can help you decide which shingles to choose.

Champion vs CertainTeed asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

A look at Champion vs CertainTeed roofing shows both companies are reputable and offer high-quality products.

Chimney flashing installation explained

Roofing damage occurs not only as a result of old, worn shingles but also through chimney flashing damage.

Champion vs Malarkey asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

Your new roof can usually last on your home for decades. Two companies you can compare are Champion vs. Malarkey.

Champion vs Owens asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

One of the dilemmas you will face is which type of roofing to use. The first step is to do some research and look at Champion vs. Owens asphalt shingles.

Champion vs Henry asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

You may find yourself maing a Champion vs. Henry comparison when choosing roofing products.

Roof valley flashing installation explained

Roof valley flashing is the material placed into the valleys formed between two opposing sloped surfaces on your roof.