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Find Lennox furnace prices and local installation estimates in this cost guide for energy efficient gas and oil furnaces.

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Lennox is one of the leading brands in the home heating industry. Lennox furnace prices can be trusted thanks to a veritable history when it comes to furnace innovation. When it comes to efficiency, clean air, and home comfort technology, Lennox is ahead of the curve. So what is a Lennox furnace going to cost you when you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current heater?

This question is tricky when it comes to any furnace brand. HVAC companies never list prices on their websites because they sell furnaces wholesale to local contractors – whose prices will vary. If you’re looking to compare Lennox furnace prices, you’ll be hopping all over the Internet looking for a specific price guide – but this article is a breakdown of ballpark prices for Lennox furnaces with installation.

The following are general price ranges based on estimates from around the country including the cost of installation. Depending on your regional efficiency needs, your contractor, the unit model, the size of your home and more, your furnace price quote will vary.

What does a Lennox gas furance cost?

Dave Lennox Signature Collection

Lennox Furnace Prices

Lennox SLP89V

The Dave Lennox Signature Collection will be the most expensive series you can shop for. This higher price range is meant to ensure a quieter, more efficient, longer lasting furnace. If you’re interested in energy tax credits, this series of furnace is the model for you. AFUE ratings vary from 80 to 98.2.

    • SLP98V w/ installation - AFUE: Up to 98.2 ~$5,150-$12,000
    • SLP280V w/ installation - AFUE: 80 ~ $5,050- $11,200

Elite Series

The Elite Series is the next step down from the Signature Collection. Slightly less efficient, but still efficient enough to qualify for most offered tax breaks and local energy rebates.

    • G61V w/ installation - AFUE: Up to 95 ~ $6,250-$11,500
    • G61 w/ installation – AFUE: Up to 95 ~$$6,200-$11,200
    • EL195/E w/ installation – AFUE: 95 ~ $3,900-$9,250
    • G60 w/ installation – AFUE: 80 ~ $2,700-$9,200
    • G50 w/ installation – AFUE: 80 ~ $2,400-$8,700

Lennox Furnace Cost

Lennox SLP89V

Merit Series

The Lennox Merit series is going to be your best economy buy. You can still find highly efficient furnaces in this series, but they may not be as low-profile or quiet as the Elite or Signature lines.

    • ML195 w/ installation - AFUE: 95 ~ $4,400-$10,000
    • ML193 w/ installation – AFUE: 93 ~ $3,700-$9,800
    • ML180E w/ installation – AFUE: 80 ~ $2,900-$9,000
    • ML180 w/ installation – AFUE: 80 ~ $2,600-$8,500

What does a Lennox oil furnace cost?

Oil furnaces tend to be less energy efficient and more expensive to maintain, but are useful in areas where natural gas is not available.

    • Dave Lennox Signature Collection OF23V, O23V, and Elite Series 023 w/ installation – AFUE: Up to 83 ~ $1,599-$5,193

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