With excellent customer care and UL-approved equipment, Bay Alarm may fit your home security system needs.

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Bay Alarm has been providing home security services since 1946, giving customers a variety of home security system options.

The company started out in the Bay Area, but it now provides security to customers all over California. Although Bay Alarm home security prices are not published online, it is possible to compare each package available and pick one based on the features it includes.

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There are several pros to choosing Bay Alarm for your security needs:

  • The company offers custom security solutions instead of forcing customers to purchase a one-size-fits-all package.
  • Bay Alarm has been a family-owned business for nearly 70 years, giving the company a good track record for service and reliability.
  • Bay Alarm employees receive extensive training to ensure they know how to assist customers.
  • The company never outsources its security monitoring services.
  • Bay Alarm uses UL-approved equipment .
  • The company has local staff members available to answer questions.

Bay Alarm offers three different types of services for residential customers: residential burglar alarms, 24-hour monitoring and residential fire systems. The company allows customers to choose their own system components, resulting in customized systems that protect all areas of their homes.

They use state-of-the-art technology to monitor customer homes 24 hours per day, seven days per week. This is especially useful if you have to take a business trip or plan to take a vacation.

The company also uses the latest technology in its residential fire systems. A company representative tests the system after it is installed to ensure that it works properly. If a fire breaks out, an agent alerts the customer immediately.

In addition to its three security packages, Bay Alarm also offers a medical emergency monitoring service. Customers who sign up for this package receive an advanced medical alert system that works at the click of a button. Pressing this button connects a customer to a medical response operator, making it easier to call for help if you are unable to get to a telephone.

All of their customers receive access to an online account management tool. This tool gives customers access to system reports and management features.

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Customers are able to do the following via this tool:

  • Request assistance with a Bay Alarm security system.
  • Update their lists of emergency contact information.
  • View account balances and make payments.
  • Edit billing information.

For an additional monthly fee, customers can also access BayNet Plus. This service gives customers the ability to search through 13 months of alarm activity and download relevant reports.

Anyone who wants to install residential alarm components offered should fill out this short form to receive quotes from contractors in your area.

Although using Bay Alarm's security monitoring service has many advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Because they only serve customers in California, it may not be possible to transfer the service if you move. The company also offers fewer packages than national security companies, like ADT and Guardian Alarm.

Before you decide to install Bay Alarm home security components, read as many home security system reviews  as you can find. Although you will not be able to compare Bay Alarm home security prices with the prices of other companies, you will be able to compare the features of each available package.

Once you make a decision, use QualitySmith to find an experienced contractor who can install your new security system properly.

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