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2013 paint trends covered

2013 paint trends include not only pastels, but splashes of bold colors.

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Sherwin Williams Aloe is part of 2013 paint trends. Redecorating a home can seem like a huge project, but there are some simple things that you can do to give every room in your house a fresh, updated look. The easiest way to achieve this is by repainting your walls. By using 2013 paint trends, you can create a modern look for your home's interior without having to spend a fortune on new furnishings and decor.

One of the biggest 2013 paint trends is the use of retro color palettes. Whether you are looking to recreate the nostalgic 1950s era feel in your kitchen or want to return to the 1920s for a bathroom inspired by "The Great Gatsby," soft pastels are the interior design trend to follow. Soft pinks and aqua colors can create both of these looks easily. You can distinguish between the two retro eras by choosing period-appropriate accessories.

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Some 2013 paint trends are just new takes on the classics. One example of this is the simple color combination of black and white. You may want to play with tradition and opt for black paint with white accents, or you can add a splash of red to add warmth and depth to a room. As you think about paint colors by room, keep this color combination in mind for the kitchen.

Most design experts agree that blue is the interior paint color to use this year, though it won't be the bold, royal blue shade that has been popular in the past. Blues inspired by the waterfront that contain hints of green are the way to go in 2013. The cool, calming tones can be paired with pale yellows or oranges to create a feeling of warmth. This color palette works well in an office, bedroom or living room.

The key to using modern color trends is to combine them with classic furniture in your home to create a look that is both trendy and timeless. This way, you won't feel the need to repaint your walls every few years.

After you choose the paint colors for your project, seek quotes from painting contractors. It is important to get a project estimate before starting any work. This way, you can determine your paint costs as well as your labor costs ahead of time.

Updating the look of your home's interior can be exciting and fun. After all, when you are done with your painting project, it will feel like you have a brand new house. One way to create the best look possible is to keep the 2013 paint trends in mind as you choose your interior paint colors. When you are ready to start painting, remember to use Reply! to find a professional painter to complete the project.

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