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DIY basement remodeling: costs and steps

One of the most popular residential renovations is the DIY basement remodel, and for good reasons.

DIY attic shelving systems: points to consider

DIY attic shelving systems can be a cost-efficient way to increase storage space in any attic. Learn the basics of DIY attic shelving systems.

DIY attic storage units: points to consider

DIY attic storage units including everything from shelving to customization. Do you have what it takes?

DIY saunas: points to consider

DIY saunas are not all glory and pride. If you have little to know carpentry skills, then you’ll need a professional.

Outdoor saunas: an overview of options

A brief overview of the history of outdoor saunas and different types.

Indoor saunas: an overview of options

Keep in mind types, sizing, seating, construction and safety when considering an indoor sauna.

DIY spas: points to consider

With DIY spas, it all boils down to placement, preparation and installation.

DIY above ground storm shelters: points to consider

Learn the questions you should ask and the pros and cons of DIY above ground storm shelters.

Storm shelters above ground: prefabricated or build from scratch?

Do your homework on city requirements and similar for storm shelters above ground, whether they’re prefab or built from scratch.

DIY underground storm shelters: points to consider

When considering a DIY underground storm shelter, think of design, location and area building codes.