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Heating and air conditioning unit: advantages and disadvantages

Learn the pros and cons of different heating and air conditioning units, such as central units, heat pumps and more.

Where to buy HVAC systems

You can buy HVAC equipment in many home improvement and specialty stores, but the best way to buy HVAC equipment is through a licensed and experienced contractor.

New air conditioning: points to consider

If you are thinking of buying a new air conditioning system, you should consider several important points first, like type, size, brand, pricing and more.

Air conditioner mini split: an overview

An air conditioner mini split unit is a ductless AC that many use as an alternative to window units or central HVAC units.

Single room air conditioners price, pros and cons

Single room air conditioners are an alternative to the complex and expensive ductwork required for a central HVAC system.

Mr Slim ductless systems: pros, cons and costs

For your home or office, the Mr. Slim ductless system offers a working solution for wasted time and energy on inefficient heating and cooling

Air duct sizing explained

If you feel that your home is not being heated or cooled sufficiently, speak with a contractor about air duct sizing.

Central HVAC unit prices and installation

Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing property, your choice of a central HVAC unit is an important one that will affect your energy bills.

Nest thermostat 1st generation vs 2nd generation

Compare the Nest thermostat 1st generation vs. 2nd generation to decide which unit better fits your needs and your budget.

New AC cost

When you weigh new air conditioner cost points, connect with qualified contractors to fill in the gaps.