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Exterior paint costs: what to expect

For the most part, exterior paint costs are quite affordable, which means you can give your home a facelift for less than what you'd pay for other makeovers.

Colors for kids: bedroom paint ideas

Decorating a child's room should be fun, and the colors for kids' rooms can range from the primary colors of red, blue and yellow to more neutral colors.

Toddler paint colors: bedroom ideas

Growing children deserve bedrooms that capture their imaginations and make them feel comfortable.

Nursery colors for girls: paint ideas

Picking out nursery colors for girls is just the beginning of a fun, creative journey.

Gender neutral nursery colors: paint ideas

If you don't want to go with a gender-specific theme, consider combining a few gender-neutral nursery colors instead.

Nursery colors: paint ideas

If you don't want to be traditional, gender-neutral colors or nursery colors that better represent your personal style are also options.

Interior paints 101: an overview

Learn the basics with interior paints 101, from pairing paint colors and rooms to problems that could arise.

Painting 101: interior and exterior overview

You can save some money and stress by following the tips in this guide on home painting 101.

Behr paint colors: top 20 picks for 2013

Behr Paint colors are eye-catching choices that come in an array of house color schemes. Take a look at 20 choices for 2013.

Low-VOC paint for nurseries: 5 top brands

Do your research on no- and low-VOC paint for nurseries. Protect your newborn.