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Roof valley flashing installation explained

Roof valley flashing is the material placed into the valleys formed between two opposing sloped surfaces on your roof.

Install step flashing

In the case of an opposing way, you may have to install step flashing to aid in directing water down the roof and over its side.

Roof edge flashing installation explained

Roof edge flashing installation can help prevent expensive water damage that could affect everything from the roof of your home to the foundation.

Pipe flashing installation explained

It's important to give roof pipe flashing installation the utmost care and attention as a mistake can result in expensive damage.

Asphalt roof weatherproofing prices, pros and cons

Asphalt roof weatherproofing prices will vary from area to area, but despite the costs, the price you'll pay for a non-weatherproofed roof will likely be far higher.

Weatherproof an asphalt roof with roof flashing

Along with the underlayment, you'll also need to weatherproof an asphalt roof with roof flashing to deal with valleys between roof peaks and the edges of chimneys.

Roof flashing: Where is it placed

One of the most important roofing steps is purchasing and installing roof flashing to keep water out of your home.

Roof flashing details: installation best practices for asphalt roofs

Roof flashing details include simple tips and tricks used during installation. Read on to find out more.

W.R. Grace roof underlayment costs, pros and cons

W.R. Grace roof underlayment comes in nine different styles that you and your contractor can use in place of roofing tar paper.

Cetco roof underlayment costs, pros and cons

When you choose Cetco roof underlayment, you'll want to know what the product is and what it does on the roof.