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AC coils maintenance reviewed

You can use your air conditioner for years without even once thinking about the AC coils.

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AC coils maintenance You can use your air conditioner for years without even once thinking about the AC coils. The only time you stop and think about the coils is when you notice your AC producing less cool air or when you think about routine maintenance on your unit.

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AC coils keep your air conditioner in working condition. A well-maintained AC will keep your energy bills down. Regular maintenance shouldn't take you a lot of time, but hiring a contractor to clean the AC every six months can help you avoid high energy bills and enjoy your cool air.

The coils sit inside your air conditioner and pull humidity out of the air to make your home feel cooler. A good HVAC technician can remove the panels from your AC, inspect the inside of the unit, and clean or replace any parts.

You can also do the job yourself if you feel confident in your skills. Simply turn off the unit, remove the outer panel, and check the coils inside. 

If you want to know how AC coils work, you should know that they help the AC remove humidity from the air. When the coils stop working, you might notice the AC coils freezing, or you might see mold inside the unit. This occurs as the moisture drips off the coils and settles inside the unit. If you find this problem, you'll need to remove the mold and mildew.

You don't need to replace your air conditioner unit just because the coils stop working. A contractor can install an AC coil replacement or give you an air conditioner estimate if you do decide to replace an older unit.

It's easy to learn how to clean AC coils because all you need is a soft brush and a can of condensed air. After removing the top panel and examining the coils, hold the can of air against the back of the air conditioning coils. Press down on the top of the can, blowing air across the top of the coils. You should notice the dust and debris flying away from the coils.

You can also run a soft brush over the top of the AC coils to remove dust. If this method doesn't solve your problem, you likely need new coils.

Before checking out AC coil prices, see if your warranty covers the replacement. Replacing the evaporator coil will often help your AC start meeting your home cooling needs again.

Don't reach for the phone book when you need an HVAC contractor. Instead, click here and you'll find contractors in your area who have the necessary training to repair, clean, and install air conditioner units. Since cleaning your unit can sometimes involve cutting the coils or replacing damaged AC coils, you want someone who can do the job quickly and get your AC back on track without damaging any other parts.

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