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AC split system prices and overview of options

An AC split system is capable of cooling your home efficiently, allowing you to create a comfortable environment with advantages over other cooling technologies.

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A typical AC split systemMany options are available for purchase when you're installing a heating and home cooling system. You'll run into anything from window AC units to full HVAC solutions centered on heat pumps or central air conditioners. Among the many choices is the AC split system.

An AC split system is capable of cooling your home efficiently, allowing you to create a comfortable environment with advantages over other cooling technologies on the market.

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How does central air conditioning work?

Before you install an AC split system for you home, you should have some idea as to how central air conditioning actually works.

An AC split system providing centralized service for your home is split into two parts, an outdoor compressor and an indoor coil. The compressor sends refrigerant throughout the system, collecting heat as it runs through your home and dispensing that heat back outdoors.

The coil, generally located on your home's furnace, gathers heat from air blown over it, cooling the air around it while it also pumps the warm air out through your home's AC ductwork.

Advantages of a split AC

The split nature of this AC solution offers a few advantages. While collecting warm air, the system also collects moisture, reducing the humidity inside your home. This prevents the development of mold or moisture damage to its structure and the items inside.

The split AC also contains a filter that cleans the air as it's circulated through the system, removing airborne particles.

The location of the compressor outside the home serves to lessen the noise of the units operation inside, which can be an issue with window-based units.

Smaller ductless systems are available as well, which can be used to upgrade older homes without heating and air ducts or to create individual cooling zones throughout a structure.

AC split system price

Like many home improvements, the cost of installing an AC split system is dependent largely on the size of the unit being installed. You'll need to be certain you purchase and install a unit of sufficient size to provide adequate cooling for your entire home. This can be done either through a single AC split system or through multiple smaller ductless split systems.

To determine the system size you'll need, you can either get an estimate using a split air conditioner size calculator or go with a more formal air conditioner estimate provided by a contractor.

The calculators can be found on a variety of websites. They typically give you either a cost estimate based on your house size and window locations and insulation as well as an estimate of capacity needed in a unit.

A contractor will evaluate your home and give you a more precise estimate that includes installation. By having a contractor install the cooling system, you'll meet warranty requirements.

The larger the centralized unit needed or the more ductless split system units needed, the higher the costs for the AC split system installation will be. Split systems also tend to cost about 30 percent more than other central systems.

An AC split system provides a solid solution for cooling your home, whether you wish to do so centrally or through zones using small ductless units. While the price may be higher than other cooling systems, the addition will add to both the comfort and worth of your home.

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