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Add a home theater to your home

A guide to planning and installing a home theater in your existing home

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If you are looking for affordable additions that can add value and comfort to your home, consider adding a home theater. Home theaters allow you to recreate the experience of the movie theater right in your own home. Wireless surround sound systems, high definition televisions and blu-ray systems can rival any movie theater experience. Whether you opt to watch movies or sports, you will appreciate the excellent picture and sound.

As you are considering a residential remodeling project that involves a home theater, there are certain purchases you will need to make.

The basic components of a home theater system include:

  • TV
  • Blu-ray player or DVD player
  • Satellite or cable service
  • Home theater receiver
  • Surround-sound system
  • Cables
  • Surge protector
  • Remotes

home theater additionThe central feature of a home theater system is the television. You will want a high-definition television for the best picture. If you have the money to invest, a 3D TV takes the home theater experience to the next level. Next, consider investing in a blu-ray system. DVD players may be slightly cheaper, but you will get the clearest picture from a blu-ray player. If you have invested in an HDTV, then you will be happier with the clearer picture from this pricier player. Also, invest in cable or satellite service that has HDTV to ensure you are happy with the picture at all times.

A stereo receiver is essential to helping you enjoy surround sound from your home theater. These receivers process and amplify stereo audio and multichannel surround sound. You can even set up your system to manage video through the receiver. This works well if you are connecting your video games, satellite or cable, and blu-ray player all to the same system.

Once you have your TV, video sources and receiver, start shopping for stereo systems and wireless surround-sound systems. Home theater additions are simply not complete without surround sound, and wireless systems allow you to use surround sound without running wires through the room or drilling into the wall.

As you shop for a system, make sure you choose one with a subwoofer, which will make the sound deeper and more theater-like. Opt for a pre-matched system to avoid the hassle of voice matching. If you opt to create your own system, make sure all of the speakers and the subwoofer are from the same family so they are fully compatible.

Finally, you will need a power source and cables, including:

  • Speaker cables
  • Audio cables
  • Video cables

Invest in quality cables to ensure the picture and sound are both high quality. Also, choose a power source with a surge protector, so your expensive home theater is not compromised in an electrical storm. Finally, invest in one universal remote to keep the system simple to use.

As you think about the various additions you can make to your home, consider a home theater to add a theater-like experience in your home. If you need the help of a professional installer, Reply! has the services to help you find the right one.

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