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  • ADT vs Honeywell home security monitoring services: a brief comparison

ADT vs Honeywell home security monitoring services: a brief comparison

An overview and comparison of the home security and home security monitoring systems available from ADT and Honeywell

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When comparing ADT and Honeywell home security monitoring services and systems, you should know that Honeywell does not install home security alarm systems. Honeywell is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of various home security devices, including motion detectors and temperature monitors. The company sells its products to various companies (including ADT) who include them in their own systems and often offer support services along with the sale and installation of a security system.

ADT Overview

adtADT is a leading provider of home security systems, offering sales, installation and service packages. ADT systems start at around $399, but you can often find discounts that drop the price to less than $100.

ADT offers six different packages:

  • SafeWatch
  • SafeWatch PRO RF
  • QuickConnect
  • Essentials Plus
  • Critical Conditions
  • Family Package

Each package comes with:

  • A control panel that lets you turn the system on and off
  • An indoor sounder that tells you when someone enters your home
  • At least one touchpad to control the features from various points around your home.

The main difference between the packages is the total number of window and door sensors in each package. Each separate package can be upgraded to include services such as cell phone contact when an emergency situation occurs and additional protection for fire, smoke and extreme temperature changes.

For a more detailed review of the full range of services offered through ADT, review the following article (click here).


Honeywell Overview

honeywellHoneywell manufactures some of the top home security products on the market, but it does not offer installation or ongoing monitoring services. If you enjoy do-it-yourself home improvement projects, you will find a number of Honeywell products that you can install on your own.

Honeywell’s wireless smoke and heat detectors monitor a specific room for changes in temperature and smoke, which might indicate a fire.

Honeywell’s wireless glass break detector alerts you when someone breaks a window in your home.

Honeywell’s motion sensors can be placed in various sections of your home and can be linked to lighting or alarm systems to alert you of activity in targeted areas.

For a more in-depth survey of the full line of products available through Honeywell, click on the following link and review this more detailed article (include link to Honeywell article.)

If you are considering an ADT home security system or a system that includes Honeywell components, Reply! can immediately connect you to local professionals who can assist you in selecting, installing and servicing a home security system that will fit your family’s needs.

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