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Air conditioner covers: an overview of options

From a slip cover to hedges, air conditioner covers come in many forms and serve a good purpose.

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Air conditioner covers take many forms. This one was designed and created by Eco Minded Solutions.When you invest thousands of dollars in a central air cooling system, you want to keep it protected throughout the year. Even if you use window air conditioners around your house, you'll want to look for air conditioner covers. The covers keep snow and rain from reaching the internal areas of the AC and stop a larger or bulkier unit from ruining your landscaping.

If you don't cover air conditioners during the off-season, you risk damage to your AC unit. Even the smallest amount of rain or snow can potentially damage the unit, but it only takes a few minutes to cover the AC.

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With a central air unit that runs off your HVAC system, you might use a rectangular cover that fits over the top and sides of the unit. These outdoor air conditioner covers are available from home improvement stores. You don't need to contact a contractor because you can find the dimensions of your unit online or in your manual. Use these dimensions when choosing a cover.

However, if you previously did not invest in a cover and your AC unit is damaged, talk to a contractor about your next steps — replacement or repair.

A/C Cover with snowWindow air conditioner covers are also available from home improvement stores. These covers feature a lightweight fabric material that drapes across the air conditioner and blocks out moisture. You can often find air conditioner covers for less than $10. These covers let you leave the unit in place all year long. You don't need to worry about lifting the AC and moving it during the off-season.

Some covers are indoor air conditioner covers that you use on the front of the AC unit. These covers are helpful if you notice cool air moving through the unit and into your house.

Air conditioner covers might not be your first thought when installing air conditioner units, but they're an important accessory to bear in mind. Whether you're shopping around for air conditioner prices or requesting an air conditioner estimate, you want a cover that protects the unit without voiding your warranty.

Some homeowners go the DIY route, building their own outdoor air conditioner covers. You can place shrubbery around the unit to hide it from sight. Or you can build your own fake shrub that covers the unit and doesn't require maintenance.

Another option involves insulating the unit with duct tape and several trash bags. This is an easy and inexpensive way to save your air conditioner and ensure that it's ready to meet your home cooling needs next season. Although it is a bit unsightly.

Covering your air conditioner only takes a few minutes and a few dollars, but it can save you hundreds on repair and replacement costs later. Find HVAC tips at Reply! Adding air conditioner covers to your home is as simple as covering the unit with trash bags and duct tape, but you can save even more time by buying a cover.

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Photo credit: Eco Minded Solutions. Second photo: A/C Cover.