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Aire-Flo heat pump prices, pros and cons

The Aire-Flo heat pump offers both heating and cooling in a single unit to save on installation and operational costs.

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Aire-Flo heat pumpThe Aire-Flo heat pump offers both heating and cooling in a single unit to save on installation and operational costs.

Before you choose to install a heat pump air conditioner though, there are a few pros and cons to be aware of that could affect your choice.

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Aire-Flo heat pumps work much like a central air conditioner (AC), providing home cooling from a single unit. The heat pump air conditioning unit draws heat from the warm air within the home and transports it through the ducting system to the outside where the air is released, cooling off your home.

During colder days, the Aire-Flo heat pump operates in the opposite manner, drawing warmth from the outside air or ground and transporting it for release inside the home.

In moderate climates, the heat pump is all that's needed as a HVAC system. In more extreme climes however, the heat pump may need to be combined with an air handler that helps to circulate the air within the home or a furnace that provides additional heating.

The Air-Flo heat pump comes in several model types, each carrying a differing seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), along with a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF). Both of these are efficiency ratings for the unit. As a result, you get some idea of how expensive the unit may be to run.

The SEER is a rating of its energy efficiency when cooling your home. New units must have a SEER of 13 or above, which the heat pumps from Aire-Flo all possess, running the range from 13 SEER to 14 SEER. The higher the SEER, the less expensive the heat pump is to run.

The HSPF rating is much like the SEER rating, although it measures energy efficiency while heating instead. The minimum HSPF is a 7.7 by law, which the Air-Flo heat pumps all have.

Before you install an Aire-Flo heat pump, you should hire a contractor to inspect your home to determine the exact unit capacity needed to heat and cool your home. The size of the heat pump needed is largely dependent on the amount of space in your home.

The contractor should be able to inspect your home and give you an installation estimate covering any additional HVAC equipment needed too. The same contractor should also be able to install the equipment so that it meets warranty requirements.

An Aire-Flo heat pump can be a less expensive alternative to heating and cooling systems that require an AC and furnace alike. The cost can rise significantly however if you live in an area with extreme temperatures that require additional equipment to help the pump maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

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