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Amana heat pump prices, pros and cons

With an Amana heat pump air conditioner, you can effortlessly switch between air conditioning or heat to make your home feel more comfortable.

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Amana heat pump ASZ14If you've ever spent a winter hovered over a space heater and praying for warm weather, you know the importance of a heat pump. An Amana heat pump can replace your old space heaters and give you freedom from gas heat.

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About Amana heat pumps

Amana heat pumps fall into one of two categories:

    • Premium heat pumps. Includes models ASZC18, ASZC16, ASZ14 and ASZ13.
    • Distinctions heat pumps. The SSZ16, SSZ14, GSZ14 and GSZ13 models are part of this line.

With a heat pump air conditioner, you can effortlessly switch between air conditioning or heat to make your home feel more comfortable. This is especially helpful during the fall and spring months when temperatures can soar during the day and rapidly drop at night.


Every Amana heat pump comes with features like:

    • A crankcase heater, which reduces the noise produced by the machine and keeps the liquid refrigerant inside at the perfect temperature.
    • A muffler that stops noises from reaching your home.
    • An accumulator that stores excess refrigerant.
    • A low-pressure switch that reduces damage to the unit.

You'll also find other features, such as controls that keep the unit from overheating or defrosting, a filter drier that keeps contaminants out, and a durable compressor.


One of the main things you want to look at when buying heat pump air conditioning products is the warranty on those products. Amana's warranty includes a lifetime warranty on the compressor and a 10-year limited warranty on other parts. That warranty helps you pay for repairs and replacements in the future.

Pricing and installation

If you're ready to install heating and cooling devices in your home, find a qualified contractor at Reply! When you hire a contractor, you can request an installation estimate, find out more about home cooling products, and find out how much it would cost to install an HVAC system.

With products from Amana, you can adjust the temperature and feel warm when an unexpected cold snap happens, and you can easily turn off the heat once the warm weather hits. Find a contractor today to install an Amana heat pump in your home.

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