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American Standard vs Bryant: an air conditioner comparison guide

When it comes to American Standard vs Bryant air conditioners, which one will you go with?

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Whether you use a few window air conditioners around your home or rely on fans, now is the time to think about central air conditioning. Doing a simple American Standard vs Bryant comparison is one of the best ways to get informed before you schedule a call with a contractor.

American Standard air conditioners

American Standard Platinum line, ZM air conditionerWhen you compare American Standard vs Bryant, you might find that American Standard has a larger line of products. The company sells its air conditioner units under the following lines:

    • Platinum Series.
    • Gold Series.
    • Silver Series.

The Platinum Series features the most expensive and largest units with the highest seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). SEERs help you see how much energy the unit will use, and a higher rating is better than a lower rating.

The Platinum Series also features two-stage units, while the other lines have single-stage units with lower SEER ratings. 

American Standard Platinum line, ZM air conditioner

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Bryant air conditioners

Bryant Preferred Series Central Air Conditioner Model 123ABryant has four major product lines:

    • Evolution.
    • Preferred.
    • Preferred Compact.
    • Legacy.

The Legacy line is one of the loudest air conditioner units. It also has a lower SEER rating than the other models.

When you request an air conditioner estimate, your contractor will base the price on the labor, connecting the new AC unit to your existing HVAC system, and the cost of the unit.

Bryant Preferred Series Central Air Conditioner Model 123A

While you might pay less for the Legacy, you might find that you prefer paying a higher price for a quieter machine. Ask your contractor for several estimates based on the different air conditioner prices that you find for products from Bryant.

Warranty info

When you install air conditioner units, you want to ensure that it comes with a strong warranty. American Standard has a base manufacturer's warranty that varies from model to model, and your owner's manual will tell you which specific parts it covers. The company also offers an extended warranty of up to 10 years.

Bryant offers a 10-year warranty on most of its home cooling products, as long as you register your unit within 90 days after installation. If you register your unit after 90 days, the company only offers a five-year warranty on your product.

Compare the American Standard vs Bryant warranties carefully before you pick a product from either company. This ensures that you don't waste a lot of your hard-earned money later on repairs and replacement parts. 

Adding central air to your home is expensive up front, but pays off in the long run. You want to ensure that you get a product that can keep up with your cooling needs. American Standard and Bryant aren't the only companies manufacturing air conditioning units.

At Reply!, you can easily compare these products against those from some of the other top companies. Comparing American Standard vs Bryant air conditioner units might just be one step that you take before you purchase a new unit for your home.

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