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American Standard vs Gibson AC prices, pros and cons

Talking with a qualified HVAC installer can help you to get a clear picture of the relative merits of American Standard vs. Gibson AC units, warranty and pricing info.

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When it's getting hot outside, your thoughts will naturally turn to keeping things cool inside. That's a job for a good, solid air conditioner. With so many different air conditioners on the market, you may wonder what the difference is between, say, American Standard vs. Gibson AC units.

Distinctions are of great importance. While they may be subtle, they often translate into operational differences that will either cost you extra money for air conditioning or save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the unit.

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American Standard vs Gibson ACsAir conditioner prices vary between models and between areas. Before you hire a contractor, it's helpful to get an estimate of the costs. Talking with a qualified HVAC installer can help you to get a clear picture of the relative merits of American Standard vs. Gibson AC units, what sort of a warranty you can expect to be offered, and even what steps you should take to prepare your property for a new AC.

Model highlights

An American Standard vs. Gibson AC contrast must begin with a discussion of their relative seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER). The American Standard Platinum XM line is the simplest and cheapest two-stage model offered by this manufacturer.

The model operates at an impressive 18 SEER and has a plethora of helpful features such as humidity control, noise dampeners, and a two-stage system that saves energy by only running above 70 percent capacity on the hottest days.

The equivalent model by Gibson manages a somewhat lower but still very efficient 16 SEER, operates in a two-stage process similar to its American Standard rival, and is plainly built to last.


A built-to-last quality is important in an air conditioner, not least because of the costs to the manufacturer associated with replacing a defective unit. Here, the American Standard vs. Gibson AC matchup is a draw.

American Standard has a 12-year warranty on its compressor. Both companies offer solid 10-year warranties on all the working parts, and the labor is often guaranteed by your HVAC contractor.

What this adds up to is total protection in the event of a malfunction or breakdown, which can mean a great deal when it's hot outside.


Gibson ACPricing is perhaps one of the most important things to know about before you hire your contractor. It's all well and good to save hundreds of dollars on your energy bills, but those savings are meaningless if you've just spent several thousand dollars on an AC unit that isn't right for your home. Gibson, for example:

    • Automates its quality control to remove human error from the final product.
    • Offers Demand Flow Technology (DFT) certified products.
    • Is a national brand, available across the country.

American Standard, on the other hand:

    • Protects its compressors with rust-resistant coating.
    • Includes a two-step duration compressor.
    • Actually surpasses government efficiency ratings.

Unfortunately, every silver lining can have a dark cloud attached. Some of the drawbacks of American Standard are:

    • A high shipping weight of up to 312 pounds for just the outdoor unit.
    • A requirement to register within 60 days to take advantage of the warranty coverage.

The Gibson isn't without its blemishes, either, including:

    • An upper limit of 16 SEER.
    • A similar requirement for online warranty registration as American Standard.

All of this serves to underscore the critical import of connecting with a reliable contractor and getting a proper, professional estimate that includes a discussion of your home's specific needs. An American Standard vs. Gibson AC contrast can highlight some of the differences between the two companies, but in the end, there's no substitute for the opinion of an expert.

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