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American Standard vs Trane: an air conditioner comparison guide

It's a challenge to examine American Standard vs Trane air conditioners since American Standard bought Trane in 1984. Find out more.

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Purchasing a new HVAC system for your home can often be a confusing experience. A comparison of American Standard vs Trane ensures you are choosing a recognized leader in the home cooling industry.

Since American Standard owns Trane, an American Standard vs Trane comparison can be tricky. Seen here is the American Standard Platinum line, ZM air conditioner.Your research should include air conditioner prices, sizes and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings. Also, it is smart to get several air conditioner estimates of what it would cost to install an air conditioner in your home.

Trane was founded in 1910 by James Trane after he invented a new low-pressure heating system. Since then, the company has continued to be a leader in innovative products and design.

In 1984, American Standard Companies Inc. purchased Trane and together they have become a leader in air conditioning systems. Choosing between American Standard vs Trane isn't easy because both brands have comparable systems.

American Standard Platinum line, ZM air conditioner

A comparison of American Standard vs Trane shows that the former has three types of quality home cooling systems available for homeowners:

    • The Platinum Series, which uses a two-stage cooling process, offers the most energy efficient units you can purchase. These units can help you save up to 60 percent on your heating and cooling costs each year.
    • The Gold Series, which features single-stage cooling, is a mid-level AC unit that comes with an excellent warranty.
    • The Silver Series, both durable and affordable, is the most economical of all the units. These budget systems meet and exceed the minimum requirements for SEER ratings.

Ask a contractor about American Standard vs Trane air conditioners! Receive free quotes too!

Trane XL20i air conditionerThe Trane XL20i is one of the leading AC units available for residential use. The unit provides up to 20 SEER. It is excellent for use in the most humid climates on the hottest days of the year.

For those who want an affordable system, Trane has the XB series. The XB300 provides up to 13 SEER and a compact design, which makes it just the thing for smaller homes.

The middle line still offers affordability and energy efficiency. The XR series of Trane can provide up to 18 SEER, and they feature the patented two-stage Climatuff compressor.


Trane XL20i air conditioner

Regardless of which brand you decide to go with or which unit you prefer, you will get a quality product as both Trane and American Standard are leaders in the air conditioning and heating industry.

When comparing American Standard vs Trane, Reply! can help you locate experienced contractors in your local area who can answer any of your air conditioner unit questions.

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