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Asphalt roofing prices, pros and cons: a guide

Learn about asphalt roofing pricing and the advantage and disadvantages of the roofing material.

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Asphalt roofing pricesAsphalt is one of the many materials used for roofing. Other choices include wood, metal and clay tile. There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of roofing. Whether you are building your dream house or making a roof repair, you need to know about asphalt roofing prices to make certain that this material is right for your needs.


There are several benefits for asphalt roofing, including:

    • It's inexpensive compared to other roofing materials.
    • Easy to install.
    • There's many colors, styles and textures to choose from so you can have the roof that you really want. 
    • Energy-efficient asphalt shingles exist.
    • It lasts a long time, at least two decades.

Although asphalt has relatively low maintenance, it requires regular upkeep. Asphalt is also a good choice for residential roofing, especially for small homes and homes with sloped roofs.

In many cases, a roofing warranty lasts anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

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The disadvantages of asphalt mostly have to do with the weather. In regions with dramatic climate changes, the asphalt can decay at a faster rate because of warping. Asphalt does best in areas with moderate temperatures.

It's also a good idea not to install asphalt during very cold weather, although the material lasts longer in cool climates.

Another disadvantage of asphalt is that if your attic isn't ventilated properly, it can reduce the life span of the asphalt roofing.

Asphalt roofing prices

Asphalt roofing prices vary depending on a number of factors such as:

    • The region you live in.
    • The quality of the materials.
    • The contractor you hire.

There are three grades of asphalt. They are usually referred to as "good," "better" and "best."

Although you can install asphalt shingles yourself if you're good at home improvement projects, you may want to hire a professional to get the best installation possible. The roofing prices range from $700 to $4,000 for materials alone. Labor adds more to the roofing cost. 

The roofing cost of asphalt is also determined by the type of asphalt you choose. There are two types of asphalt shingles. One is organic and the other is fiberglass. Organic asphalt is a mixture of asphalt, paper and ceramic on a cellulose mat.

The fiberglass style has a fiberglass mat covered with asphalt. Fiberglass asphalt is more expensive than organic asphalt. However, organic asphalt is waterproof whereas fiberglass asphalt is fireproof.

To get the best roofing estimate for your project, you need to contact at least three roofing contractors in your area. Asphalt roofing prices are just one variable when choosing the roofing material that is best for your budget and lifestyle. You can find useful information about roofing at Reply!

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