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Atrium replacement windows prices explained

Atrium offers a wide variety of windows, including those for specific U.S. regions. Read on to learn what affects Atrium replacement windows prices.

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Perfect for any season! Keep in mind that Atrium replacement windows prices vary due to the features you select.Atrium has been in business for more than 60 years and has created a solid reputation for selection, service and quality. It manufactures aluminum and vinyl windows for customers in North America. Atrium replacement windows prices are competitive due to their ability to meet the needs of individual markets.

Atrium Windows and Doors is Atrium's flagship brand, which includes both new and replacement windows. Additional brands under Atrium's ownership include:

    • North Star.
    • Thermal Industries.
    • Superior.

Atrium also offers a diverse variety of windows under private labels.

Atrium offers custom-built windows to provide a better fit for your home, especially when it has non-standard window openings. The prices on these new windows vary according to factors such as style, materials and energy-saving requirements.

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The vinyl compound used to make these windows is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and physical impact. Plus, they also contain additives to resist degradation due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This construction allows Atrium to offer a lifetime warranty on all replacement windows, which is included in the windows cost.

Vinyl windows from Atrium virtually require no maintenance and are guaranteed to never blister, crack, peel or warp. This means that you'll never need to scrape paint from the windows.

A sales consultant will measure your existing windows on-site to ensure accurate Atrium replacement windows prices. Furthermore, Atrium dealers will also dispose of your old windows properly after the new windows are installed. The process used to install windows does not require your window openings to be modified.

A Federal tax credit can reduce an Atrium windows price over the long term. This tax credit may be worth up to $1,500, which homeowners may claim when they install energy-efficient windows in their primary residence. The amount of this deduction is also limited to 30 percent of the windows price, excluding installation costs. All of Atrium's manufacturing locations make products that qualify for this tax credit.

How much you receive on a tax rebate is based on many factors. Most importantly, read the application instructions carefully and follow them.

The windows estimate also depends on additional features such as triple-pane glass, which provides greater insulation. This option is available in northern areas with particularly cold climates. Moreover, Atrium can also improve the insulation of a dual-pane window by filling the space between the two panes with argon gas.

Another option that affects Atrium replacement windows prices is a coating that reduces the solar heat reaching the interior of the house which is nearly invisible. Additional options for these windows include laminated glass, tempered safety glass and tinting.

Lastly, all Atrium windows are available with options that increase your privacy.

Windows retailers create offers that provide the greatest appeal for their customers in a particular geographic location. This tailoring of Atrium replacement windows prices allows retailers to receive a favorable return on their investment and help your wallet.

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