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Atrium vs Simonton windows: a comparison guide

Depending on your location, it may be harder to come across Atrium vs Simonton windows. Read on to find out more.

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Choosing new windows for your home doesn't have to leave you feeling confused. A simple comparison of Atrium vs. Simonton windows can help you decide which of these companies offers the products that you need. Windows come in various types and styles, so you should start by looking at windows fitting for your home.

What will it be when it comes to Atrium vs Simonton windows? Shown here are Atrium windows.Atrium windows

Like many companies, Atrium offers shoppers the chance to buy custom windows for their homes. Atrium will make a window based on your specifications that will properly fit any opening in your home. All new windows from Atrium feature vinyl cases and elements, but you can choose different types of glass before you hire a contractor to install windows on your home.

Atrium offers insulated glass that deflects the sun's rays to better regulate the temperature in your home. They produce triple-pane glass windows for homes in colder regions. You can also choose tempered glass windows, tinted windows or laminated glass windows.

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Simonton windows

When you compare Atrium vs. Simonton windows, you might notice that Simonton offers more options. Double-hung, geometric, two-lite slider, casement, awning and picture windows are all available from this company. Depending on where you shop, you might find single-hung, bow, and bay windows too.

Simonton also makes some specialty windows for those who need custom sizes or shapes.

The company offers a long-lasting warranty on all of its products. They create windows suitable for newer homes and buildings as well as replacement windows for existing homes.

Pricing and location

Talk to a contractor and get a windows estimate that tells you how much your new windows will cost. You can also get an idea about your new windows price by visiting your local home improvement store.

Simonton windowsSimonton windows are available from Home Depot and companies that specialize in replacement windows. As you compare Atrium vs. Simonton windows, you'll find that Atrium products are only available from authorized retailers and construction companies. Those who live in smaller cities and rural areas might discover that they don't have access to as many Atrium products.

After comparing and contrasting the different types of windows and determining what products are available in your price range, you'll be able to make an informed choice between Atrium and Simonton. 

New windows can reduce leaks and drafts, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They can also lower your energy bills. And some new windows can earn you tax credits. Reply! has all of the resources and information that you need to compare Atrium vs. Simonton windows before you meet with your contractor. When you know what you need, finding new windows is easy.

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