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Atrium windows prices reveiwed

A great summary to Atrium windows prices, what affects pricing, and features.

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Atrium windows prices will satisfy you with their range.Founded in 1948, Atrium is a manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum windows. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and it serves customers throughout the United States. Atrium windows prices vary according to the brand and specific market.

The company markets its windows under brand names such as:

    • Thermal Industries.
    • North Star.
    • Superior.
    • Atrium Windows and Doors — its flagship brand.

Atrium's solid reputation for quality and service allows it to market private-label windows. This company controls each step of its manufacturing process to ensure its windows meet the highest standards.

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To install windows, Atrium measures an existing window space to ensure a correct fit. This means that the installation of new windows does not require modifications to your existing window space.

The panes of these windows are made of vinyl and require little maintenance. Atrium guarantees these windows won't crack, blister or peel, and they don't need to be painted.

Atrium windows prices include proper disposal of the old windows — a definite bonuse.

The windows cost depends on factors such as materials, energy efficiency and style. Atrium also offers custom windows in nonstandard sizes.

The vinyl that makes up the panes in Atrium windows is specifically designed to resist warping, even during extreme temperature changes. This material is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which can cause furniture fabric to fade. Atrium window panes are designed to resist physical impact and other forms of wear.

Atrium also provides a lifetime warranty as part of the base windows price.

Atrium has manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. They make windows that may qualify for a Federal tax credit. Homeowners who install these windows in their primary residence can secure a 30 percent deduction on the cost of these windows from their taxable income. The installation cost is not deducted, and a maximum deduction of $1,500 for tax credit is possible. Take this credit into account when calculating the cost of Atrium windows.

Atrium provides windows with a variety of features, which can affect your windows estimate. A coating that is almost invisible can significantly reduce the solar heat that passes through the windows, which is especially beneficial in warm climates.

Homeowners in cold climates may want dual-pane windows with a space between the two panes. This space may be filled with argon, increasing the insulation capability of the windows and thus reducing Atrium windows prices over the long term.

Homeowners in very cold climates may prefer triple-pane glass with even greater insulation. Additional features of Atrium windows include tinting, safety glass and laminated glass.

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