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Attic remodeling for a hearing disability

Tips and ideas for attic remodeling for a hearing disability.

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Get started on attic remodeling for a hearing disability. Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr.When it comes to attic remodeling for a hearing disability, you have several issues that you need to pay special attention to so you can end up with a successful residential remodeling project.

You need to ideally find contractors who have experience accommodating disabilities in their projects. People with disabilities look for the same things that everyone else looks for in a renovation project: They want a finished product that's aesthetically pleasing and performs the intended functions.

Additionally, they need a finished product that takes their disability into account so that they can live as independently as possible.

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When beginning an attic remodeling for a hearing disability project, make sure the contractor adds signalers. To remain independent, those with a hearing impairment rely on signalers to let them know when something important is going on.

Signalers can be anything from flashing lights to shaking beds. The event taking place could be as simple as a ringing phone or as important as a fire alarm or an opening door.

Installing signalers in an attic is key because the attic is often far away from the front of the home. The hearing-disabled person needs enough time to respond to anything that happens.

When considering attic remodeling for a hearing disability, think about having contractors install viewing panels. The viewing panel can be a window facing outside or a glass viewing pane installed within a wall. This type of feature is key so that the hearing disabled can see who's coming and going. A viewing panel is easier to see through than a small peephole.

Another thing to think about when renovating finished attics for the hearing impaired is the flooring. Many people with hearing disabilities rely on vibrations in order to determine what's going on around them. Hardwood floors or flooring with thin but comfortable coverings are best because vibrating sounds are not muffled. Great flooring options include wood and vinyl.

Mobile phones are extremely popular amongst the hearing impaired. Plans are even in the works to create mobile phone systems that can transmit American Sign Language. Hearing-impaired people may not always have phones with them, so during an attic remodeling, hearing disability clients should have their contractors install a phone system. These systems are set up for people with hearing disabilities and can serve as an important backup in case of an emergency.

Check out Reply! for more ways that people with disabilities can get the perfect attic renovation. With the right contractor, people with disabilities can live as independently as people without them. When it comes to attic remodeling for a hearing disability, you can get the attic of your dreams.

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Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Compfight CC.