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Basement remodeling for a vision disability

Find ideas on basement remodeling for a vision disability.

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Lots of lighting is needed for basement remodeling for a vision disability. Photo by A&A Design Build Remodeling, Inc. on Flickr.When it comes to basement remodeling for a vision disability, issues can be taken care of easily if you know how to deal with the needs of the visually impaired. People with disabilities want to be just as independent as anyone else. Plan your remodeling project with this in mind.


If you're in the process of basement remodeling for a vision disability, install plenty of lighting. Basements tend to be very dark because they're usually below ground. Unless you have a walkout basement that opens up right into the outdoors, you're probably dealing with a space that doesn't get a lot of light. Even if it does get some light, those light levels are most likely not adequate for a person with a visual disability.

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People with visual disabilities need to get as much as three times the amount of lighting that people without vision disabilities receive. Include plenty of floor and table lamps in your design. Don't forget to include lights in the corners and hallways.

Put every single light fixture on dimmers so that all the inhabitants in the house can control the amount of lighting they receive.

Make sure that the light does not bounce off of reflective surfaces. If it does, it will produce a glare, making it difficult for people with vision problems to see clearly.


When doing your basement remodeling for a vision disability, include features that make it easy for the visually impaired person to move from one part of the space to the next. Finished basements should have clear travel paths so that there are no obstructions.


If you're going to be adding in or changing doors, make sure that the door threshold is flush against the floor so that no tripping accidents occur. Some contractors build beveled ramps so that people can walk safely into the room.

With basement remodeling for a vision disability such problems as not being able to see clearly while walking in and out of the basement can occur. Make sure to install guardrails along the walls so that people with vision issues have something to grip as they walk into the space.

Ensure the stairs are equipped with gripping, nonslip surfaces in order to lessen the likelihood of falls. Use a contrasting material at the top and the bottom of the staircase so people know exactly where to step. 

Basement remodeling for a vision disability has its challenges, yet proper planning will take care of them. Discuss your plans with a contractor.

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Photo credit: A&A Design Build Remodeling, Inc. via Compfight CC.