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Bedroom remodeling for a physical disability

Keep in mind you can still create a lovely environment when bedroom remodeling for a physical disability.

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Bedroom remodeling for a physical disability does not mean aesthetics are out. Photo by MAZZALIARMADI.IT on Flickr.If you or one of your relatives is disabled or has recently become disabled, you have likely started thinking about the different ways that you can make your home more comfortable and accessible for you or your loved one. bedroom remodeling for a physical disability helps an individual feel more comfortable at home.

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Having a disability is hard enough, and a residential renovation, particularly one that involves bedroom remodeling, can make life much easier for someone who is wheelchair bound, elderly or limited in mobility.

When embarking on a bedroom remodeling project to enhance the mobility of someone with a disability, it is definitely important to consider safety. Individuals with a physical disability will need a room that is large enough for them to move around comfortably using a wheelchair.

Space is an important factor when it comes to making a room wheelchair accessible. The bedroom's door must be wider than a standard door. If there is a bathroom inside of the bedroom, its entrance should be wide as well.

It is a good idea to speak with a contractor who has experience with expanding the size of doorways. Reply! can help you locate a contractor in your area.

When completing a bedroom remodeling for a physical disability, it is especially important to make sure that the bathroom is safe and accessible. Aside from making sure that the bathroom door is extra wide, you will also need to remove any shelves and cabinets, since it is very easy to bump into these items. Excess cabinets and shelves also take up a lot of space, making it difficult for a wheelchair-bound person to maneuver while in the washroom.

The bathroom should have multiple tub rails and a tub chair. These tub rails must be made of heavy-duty materials to support a lot of weight. The tub chair should be sturdy and made of materials that will not easily rot or grow mold. The bathroom should be designed in a way that allows your loved one to use it comfortably without assistance from anyone else.

Residential remodeling intended to accommodate individuals with mobility limitations requires you to keep items such as coat racks, built-in cabinets and closet shelves as low as possible in the bedroom. This makes it easier for individuals to grab any item they need without hassle.

You'll want to follow the doctor's orders when it comes to the style of bed. You may need a bed with railings, or perhaps a low level bed.

Also, make sure most electronic items, such as television sets, air conditioning units, heating units and radios, can be operated by remote control. Most televisions come with remote controls, but if you do not have a remote for your air conditioning or heating units, make sure that the wall unit is low enough for your loved one to access it comfortably.

In terms of flooring, a hardwood floor or similar is easier for a person in a wheelchair to get around. Ask your love one what their preference is. If the person uses a cane, beware of loose rugs.

Accommodating disabilities can be challenging, so it is important to speak with someone who is familiar with performing remodels for individuals with limited mobility. Bedroom remodeling to enhance the mobility of someone with a physical disability can be costly, so get an estimate from your contractor.   

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Photo credit: MAZZALIARMADI.IT via Compfight CC.