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Bedroom remodeling for a vision disability

Space, lighting and colors are crucial when it comes to bedroom remodeling for a vision disability. Read on to find out more.

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Lighting and spacing are clutch when it comes to bedroom remodeling for a vision disability. Photo by on Flickr.Loss or impairment of sight can be a traumatic event. People with vision disabilities can, nevertheless, minimize the challenges that confront them. Bedroom remodeling for a vision disability is an important first step toward normalizing life for the blind or visually impaired. Such improvements depend, of course, on the degree of sight retained.

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The American Foundation for the Blind, for example, identifies dozens of conditions that affect vision. People with disabilities like these must tailor their bedroom remodeling to their individual levels of incapacity. When achieved, the new configuration will help the visually impaired and their family members to better accommodate disabilities.

When remodeling a bedroom for a vision disability, safety must be a priority. Obstructions that could cause a fall or accident should be removed or redesigned. For example, a footboard on the bed is a desirable feature for most people, but it could be a source of injury for those with vision disabilities. Removing or upholstering this attachment is one way to reduce its danger.

In addition, clearing the primary path of traffic is essential to reduce collisions. To this end, a simple means is to keep furniture against the wall as much as possible. In terms of bedroom remodeling, shelves that jut out from the walls should be replaced with built-in shelves, removing dangerous obstacles.

For those who retain even a little sight, proper lighting optimizes a bedroom. The key for the visually impaired population is the ability to see contrasts. Families can begin by furnishing the room with pieces of widely-divergent colors. While this may be a sacrilege to home decorators, it is crucial when remodeling a bedroom for a vision disability.

Many professionals agree that the best lighting for the enhancement of color contrast is either the halogen or fluorescent variety. Because of the heat these lights produce, they should be fitted with internal reflectors.

In going about residential renovation, you may consider the installation of overhead track lighting to maximize the benefits of this illumination. Track lighting can range greatly in cost, so you should purchase the lighting adequate for your visual needs.

Residential remodeling is an imposing task in any event. Making alterations for the visually impaired can be even more difficult. Sensitivity and expertise are required for modifications of this sort.

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