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Behr paint colors: top 20 picks for 2013

Behr Paint colors are eye-catching choices that come in an array of house color schemes. Take a look at 20 choices for 2013.

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Behr Paint colors in Sweet Jazz 2013 color schemeIf it's time to paint your home, you may be unsure of where to start. Behr Paint colors are eye-catching choices that come in an array of house color schemes. When you're picking out the colors for a room, consider using premium paint for your interior design.

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Behr's paint colors come in a variety of color schemes, including:

    • Classic Caprice: Daah-ling, Empire Porcelain, Black Lacquer, Golden Age and Belladonna.
    • Color Metric: Twilight, Tan-gent, Matrix, Electrify and Plum Orbit.
    • Sweet Jazz: Bee's Knees, Jazzy Jade, Flapper Dance, Heavy Sugar and Shanghai Peach.
    • Après Ski: Pine Cone Pass, Timber Town, Ski Patrol, Gnome Green and Folk Song.

The Classic Caprice and Color Metric color schemes feature exceptional paint colors for your dining room and kitchen.

The Sweet Jazz motif, which features soft pastels from the Art Deco era, is perfect for your bathroom. While the bold colors of Après Ski offer a country look for your living room.

All of these Behr Paint colors provide just a hint of a larger selection of interior paint that you can choose from. You can peruse the paint colors and schemes available in Behr's design library.

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You'll have to consider a variety of costs and factors when you choose colors and types of paint for a room. You may need to use a primer to help cover a prior paint job. If there are nicks in your walls or similar, you'll also need to sand them down either by hand or with an electric sander.

If you're decorating a nursery or child's room, consider zero-VOC paint.

High-traffic areas might require a premium paint that's easier to clean. Every room has its own individual prerequisites that you'll need to contemplate when painting, so it's best to consult a professional in this type of situation.

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Painting your home can seem like an arduous task, but with the variety of Behr Paint colors available, you can find the products you need. Find additional painting resources and inspiration at Reply!

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Photo credit: Behr Paint colors in Sweet Jazz 2013 color scheme.