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Best exterior paint colors: 2013 trends

The best exterior paint colors should also have some staying power in the years to come.

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Best exterior paint colors. Photo by roarofthefour on Flickr.When choosing a color scheme for your house exterior, you should consider colors that can enhance the curb appeal of your home without making it stand out too much from the rest of your neighborhood. The best exterior paint colors should also have some staying power in the years to come.

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Here are some exterior color ideas that are versatile, can keep you in style with the world, and can help define your personal space:

Pantone, a company considered by some as the world's color authority, predicted that emerald green is going to be the color of the year. Putting the prediction aside, emerald green does offer a lot of pros because it is a versatile color of nature. It works with rustic materials, such as glass and wood, and easily blends with other colors.

It can also make a nature-inspired and refreshing exterior finish. Just make sure to use zero-VOC paints to ensure that your house exterior is free from potentially harmful compounds.

White is considered one of the best exterior paint colors. It's an easy pick for a primer and can also serve as a home's primary color. It repels the heat of the sun and easily stands out against a natural backdrop of trees and shrubs. White paint can also make the outside of your house look brighter and more expansive.

One of the cons of white paint is that it is easily tainted and requires a lot of care. You can hire a contractor to help prevent the white paint peeling off or fading away from your house exterior. Reply! can help you find contractors within your area.

A safe and neutral color, beige is one of the best exterior paint colors chosen by homeowners. It looks best with restrained color palettes and should blend well with a wooded or landscaped area. It has a traditional feel and can last for years without looking out of place. Try a premium paint that works well with shades of white and green if you would like to follow the trend without giving up this warm color from your house's exterior.

When you're planning on repainting your exterior, consider first the external parts that can't be changed, including the roof, any hard or copper surfaces and stone.

The color of your house should also complement any adjacent areas, such as lawns or gardens.

If you're planning to sell your house, research the current color trends in the market and find out the best exterior paint colors that homebuyers like.

An experienced painting contractor should be able to give you an estimate of the painting square foot cost and offer advice on what is best for the exterior of your house.

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Photo credit: roarofthefour via Compfight CC.