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Best heat pumps: an overview

The best heat pumps for your home depend on which brand you prefer, the cost you have in mind, and the features you're looking for.

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Best heat pumps. Shown here is the Trane XR13 heat pump.While your central air keeps your house cool on hot days, a heat pump increases the temperature on cooler days. The best heat pumps for your home depend on which brand you prefer, the cost you have in mind, and the features you're looking for.

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The Infinity heat pump air conditioning unit from Carrier received a high rating from Consumers Digest. It received high marks for its seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 20. This is one of the highest ratings for heating and cooling products.

SEER means that the unit uses a small amount of energy in comparison to the amount of cold air it releases. The industry requires that all new devices have a rating of at least 13, putting this heat pump far above the average. 


The best heat pumps include the XL 16i from Trane. This heat pump comes in a dual system that works well in colder climates and uses gasoline or diesel fuel in addition to electricity.


The top-rated heat pump brands also include Lennox. Lennox released new heat pumps in 2012 that use solar power. During the day, solar modules absorb energy from the sun, and the unit uses that energy to run itself throughout the day and night.

When you are trying to decide which heat pump is best for your HVAC system, or want an installation estimate, hire a contractor.

Other options

LG also manufactures heat pumps that work with your AC unit. The LG LAU095HV has an SEER of 19.2, making it comparable with some of the other top heating pumps.

Allstyle, Carrier and Samsung also make some of the best heat pumps with SEERs of 19 or higher. Though these products don't rely on geothermal energy, the high SEER numbers can help you when it comes to your energy bills.

Hire a contractor who can check your home cooling system, install a heat pump, and check that the heat pump and AC work well together. You might even find that your warranty isn't valid unless a licensed technician or contractor installs the device.

A heat pump will work with your air conditioner to keep your home at the perfect temperature every day of the year. Before you talk to family or friends about finding a contractor, or fill out this quick form. Your contractor can even help you choose from the best heat pumps to find one that is easy to use and fits your budget.

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Photo: Shown is the Trane XR13 heat pump.