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  • Bryant vs Siemens circuit breakers: a comparison guide

Bryant vs Siemens circuit breakers: a comparison guide

If you are undertaking a panel upgrade or an electrical installation, then a Bryant vs. Siemens circuit breakers comparison may be in order.

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Bryant vs Siemens circuit breakersUnderstanding home electricity can be difficult. If you are undertaking a panel upgrade, an electrical installation or any other electrical work in your home, then a Bryant vs. Siemens circuit breakers comparison may be in order.

Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges, since one is now defunct and the other is still producing circuit breakers. For this reason alone, any Bryant vs. Siemens circuit breakers comparison will have an obvious winner.

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Bryant is no longer in business, so newly manufactured circuit breakers by Bryant are no longer available. When giving you an electrical estimate, if your electrical contractor recommends that you use Bryant products or electrical wiring, you may want to scratch your head and ask him what decade he's living in.

Nonetheless, many homes still have Bryant circuit breakers in place. When one goes bad and needs to be replaced, the replacement part comes from the company that bought out Bryant: Cutler Hammer.

Cutler Hammer BR series breakers can be used to replace Bryant circuit breakers, but they may no longer be marketed as Cutler Hammer breakers. Eaton Corporation bought out Westinghouse Electric and merged it with Cutler Hammer in the 1990s to form Eaton Electrical.

However, some supplies of Cutler Hammer branded breakers are still making the retail rounds.

If you're doing a comparison of Bryant vs. Siemens circuit breakers, it is also worth noting that a number of stores sell discontinued or even reconditioned circuit breaker, fuse box, circuit panel and circuit breaker switch options from both Bryant and Cutler Hammer, as well as other brands. 

Many professionals recommend Siemens circuit breakers for residential and commercial use. Siemens circuit breakers guard against electrocution and electric shock while also lessening the risk of fires, voltage spikes and surges. Electricians usually prefer one particular brand when it comes to circuit breakers. Siemens is a top choice among many contractors.

If you find it too costly or difficult to find replacement Bryant breakers, it can be a better option to replace your old Bryant circuit breakers with new ones from Siemens or other compatible brands. Your contractor can tell you what is compatable and what is not.

As you can see, a Bryant vs. Siemens circuit breakers comparison is not easy to make, since Bryant circuit breakers are obsolete. Luckily, homeowners who need a Bryant replacement still have a few options for buying discontinued electrical components. Or you can upgrade to a new panel all together.

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