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Bryant vs Tempstar AC prices, pros and cons

Tempstar and Bryant offer similar air conditioner units with durability and comfort control systems, but Bryant is more expensive than Tempstar.Find out more.

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Whether you are looking to install an air conditioner for the first time or looking to replace your old model, gathering research on the prices and warranties of Bryant vs. Tempstar AC manufacturers can help you choose the right air conditioner to meet your needs.

Weighing the pros and cons of each manufacturer and comparing installation prices are great ways to decide on the best HVAC unit for you.

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Bryant air conditioning

Bryant vs Tempstar ACsBryant has been in business for over a hundred years and provides energy-efficient air conditioners for any residential or commercial building.

Nearly all AC units are Energy Star approved and have energy efficiency ratings up to 20 SEER and 14.5 EER. The AC units are durable and user friendly. The control panel provides readings warning you of potential problems.

All air conditioner prices include a 10-year limited parts warranty. Some of the higher-end units include the Duraguard Plus system, which protects the unit from weather damage.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Bryant air conditioning units that can help you determine whether Bryant vs. Tempstar AC is right for you:


    • Duraguard Plus protection to prevent corrosive weather elements.
    • Optional extended warranties available.
    • Quiet units as low as 68 dB.
    • Energy Star efficient AC units.


    • Limited warranty does not include labor.
    • Only higher-end units include diagnostics control panel.
    • Evaporator coil issues reported.
    • Less expensive units are not Energy Star approved.

Bryant air conditioning units are expensive in comparison to many other AC manufacturers. It can cost $2,600 to $6,500 to install an air conditioner from Bryant, depending the unit that you select. Choosing to hire a contractor to install the AC unit properly can help you avoid future repair costs, as most problems that arise with AC units are the result of improper installation.

Tempstar air conditioning

Tempstar ACBefore choosing an air conditioning unit, you should weigh the differences between Bryant vs. Tempstar AC units. Tempstar HVAC offers a wide variety of air conditioners that are energy efficient and corrosion resistant.

All AC units offer a 10-year limited parts warranty, while the higher-end units also offer a one- to 10-year no-hassle replacement limited warranty.

Every Tempstar AC unit qualifies under the Energy Star program with energy efficiency ratings of up to 19. On the other hand, only the higher-end units offer user-friendly communication control systems and the two-stage compressor that provides quiet operation.


    • Energy Star SEER ratings.
    • 10-year no-hassle replacement limited warranty.
    • Repair diagnostic system.
    • User-friendly communicator wall control.


    • Diagnostic control only available on higher-end models.
    • Must keep maintenance records to keep warranty.
    • Not all units come with corrosion-resistant exterior.
    • Two-stage compressor only available in most expensive unit.

Unlike Bryant AC units, Tempstar offers air conditioner units at affordable prices. Many Tempstar AC unit prices run from $2,300 to $2,800 including installation. The price includes the 10-year limited parts warranty, but you will have to pay more if you are interested in an extended warranty.

If you're still having trouble choosing between Bryant vs. Tempstar AC units, you can get an estimate and warranty information from a contractor in your area. Tempstar and Bryant offer similar units with durability and comfort control systems, but Bryant is more expensive than Tempstar. Get a free estimate from a local contractor today.

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