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  • Carrier Infinity thermostats: an overview of options

Carrier Infinity thermostats: an overview of options

The interactive Carrier Infinity thermostats may be exactly what you need for your home.

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Carrier Infinity thermostats include four touch models for you to choose from. Shown here is the Carrier Infinity Touch. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint or to decrease your home energy costs, one of your first steps should include researching thermostats. Carrier Infinity thermostats come in a variety of models which work with your HVAC system and offer the freedom of programming your digital thermostat at home or on the go. If you're interested in thermostat replacement, Carrier Infinity models offer a number of features to consider:

    • Large or small displays.
    • Touch screen design.
    • Zoning or non-zoning options.
    • Selection of programmable and non-programmable models.

Carrier Infinity thermostats offer affordable options to help regulate the temperature of your home or business.

Carrier produces a wide range of thermostat products:

    • Infinity Series Controls — features remote access capabilities.
    • Performance Series Edge — adjusts temperature and manages humidity.
    • Comfortzone II Series — available in programmable and non-programmable models.
    • Comfort Series Thermostats — most economical programmable and non-programmable models.

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Replace thermostat to save money estimates savings from five to 15 percent on energy costs for consumers who limit their heating schedule in the winter. Savings accrue, based on one percent for each degree, if the length of time with less heat is eight hours or longer.

Winter is not the only time to control energy costs. In the summertime, a programmable temperature control provides an easy way to adjust your home cooling by keeping the temperature warmer when you'reaway from home and automatically cooling when you return home.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a programmable thermostat is "one of the easiest ways you can save energy in your home."

Reply! can assist you in your search for a smart thermostat to save energy and decrease your home energy costs. You can find out more about the thermostat brands, thermostat costs and thermostat installation services by visiting Reply!

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Carrier Infinity offers a wide range of in-home air conditioner models with your choice of wall, cassette or under-ceiling options. Furthermore, Carrier Infinity offers a line of packaged products that combine multiple components into a single unit to sit outside your home.

Whether your search has only started and you're interested in checking out air conditioner prices, or you've made your choice and want to learn about estimates on the installation of air conditioners, Carrier Infinity is the brand with an optimal selection of indoor and outdoor units. Use Reply! to find out which Carrier model is best for you.

Home energy costs are skyrocketing. Consider Carrier Infinity thermostats and air conditioners for you and your home.

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