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Carrier vs Comfortmaker AC prices, pros and cons

Many excellent air conditioning brands are out there. Two of them are Carrier and Comfortmaker.

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Many excellent air conditioning brands are out there. Two of them are Carrier and Comfortmaker. Comparing Carrier vs. Comfortmaker AC units isn't easy. You should consider the advantages, disadvantages and prices of the two brands. Choosing the best will allow you to get the most for your money.

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Carrier vs Comfortmaker ACs

Carrier vs Comfortmaker ACsBoth Carrier and Comfortmaker offer efficient HVAC units. They have a high seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER), which ensures little or no electrical energy is wasted during their operation.

Both brands also have AC units that operate quietly. Comfortmaker advertises its AC units to be durable, but Carrier doesn't. This doesn't mean a Carrier air conditioner isn't durable, but implies Comfortmaker is extremely confident in its products.

On the other hand, Carrier advertises its air conditioners provide quality clean air. Comfortmaker doesn't mention this.

Carrier air conditioners

Based on reviews, many people are unsatisfied with Carrier AC units. People have had experiences where the units leaked and the control board failed after only a few months of being used. Others say Carrier treats loyal customers poorly and the company's customer service is also subpar. Many customers mention random malfunctions from the product.

Some say the errors were due to how the dealer and the installer handled the unit. Finding a reputable and licensed contractor to install your unit is crucial.

However, some are very satisfied with this brand. For them, the ACs worked perfectly fine, giving them the most for what they'd paid for. 

Comfortmaker air conditioners

Comfortmaker ACOn the other hand, Comfortmaker also gets negative reviews from buyers. One user had an experience where a failed part, which was still under warranty, was reported to the manufacturer, but he was still charged a huge sum for shipping.

Some also had experiences where the units failed within just a few years.

Many consumers have also given Comfortmaker positive reviews. For these users, the units they bought were durable and never had a problem.

The problems could've been due to an incorrect estimate on the air conditioner size. When you need to have an air conditioner installed, you should hire a contractor who also estimates the size of the unit you need based on the size and average temperature of your home so the unit is never overworked.


Carrier ACs tend to be more expensive that Comfortmaker's. The 13-SEER, 2-ton unit from Carrier costs $1,400. While the 14-SEER, 2-ton unit from Comfortmaker only costs $1,110. 

For 3-ton units, Carrier costs $300 more.

However, in the 5-ton range, the prices of both brands are closer.


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Find professional, local contractors for Carrier vs. Comfortmaker air conditioner estimates. The contractors should come out to your home and inspect it before giving you an estimate. If a contractor does not, then do not hire that contractor. 

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