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Carrier vs Maytag AC prices, pros and cons

A Carrier vs. Maytag AC comparison is one of the easiest ways to discover how these products can benefit your home.

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If the thought of wilting away through another hot summer leaves you in tears, now might be the time to install an air conditioner in your home. A Carrier vs. Maytag AC comparison is one of the easiest ways to discover how these products can benefit your home. 

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Carrier air conditioners

Carrier vs Maytag ACsCarrier makes split-system air conditioners that work as both an AC unit and as a heater. Like most central air products, these units remove humidity from your home, making it feel cooler.

If you cannot afford a split-system unit or don't have the space for it, you should consider a ductless system. These systems provide the same level of comfort as a split system, but they don't need to use the vents or other areas of your home.

Carrier also makes packaged products that you can use as a replacement for an existing system. You'll find products with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13 or higher.

The units with the higher SEER numbers are more energy efficient than those with a lower number. Similarly, they're initially more expensive as well.

Maytag air conditioners

Maytag ACWhen you compare Carrier vs. Maytag AC products, you might find yourself drawn to a Maytag system. Maytag makes Energy Star rated products with SEER of up to 24, which is higher than the SEER on Carrier products.

Two-stage and packaged units are both available. The packaged units can work on electric or gas power. The two-stage air conditioners keep temperatures low throughout the day by circulating air when you turn the AC off.

Warranty info

Before you hire a contractor to install air conditioner units, you might take a look at the warranty on each product.

Maytag offers a 12-year warranty that covers many of the most expensive parts. It also offers a Dependability Promise program that shows customers the company stands behind its products. You can call the company for help at anytime and get a repairman out to your house.

Carrier offers a 10-year warranty that covers many of the same parts, but you need to register your product within 30 days after installing it in your home.

Working with an HVAC contractor ensures that your AC will function properly. You can even learn more about air conditioner prices or get an estimate from him. 

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Your family deserves a new air conditioner. Before talking to any contractors, compare and contrast the various products available from the top companies. A Carrier vs. Maytag AC comparison is easy to do because both companies offer a variety of home cooling products that will keep your family cool on those long, hot summer days and nights. Find reputable and licensed contractors who can install the unit for you.

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