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CertainTeed vs Atlas Roofing asphalt roofing shingles: understand the differences

A summary and comparison of the applications and performance highlights of CertainTeed and Atlas Roofing asphalt roofing shingles

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CertainTeed and Atlas Roofing are two of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of roofing materials. Each makes a range of different asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Comparing CertainTeed and Atlas asphalt roofing shingles will give you a better understanding of you options when the time comes to replace an existing roof or select the materials for a brand new roof.

Although many homeowners might like the look of slate, shake or organic shingles, not everyone can afford the higher cost of these materials. Asphalt shingles from CertainTeed and Atlas Roofing now come in a variety of styles that mimic the look of wood or slate shingles. Both companies also offer generous warranties covering the cost of any malfunctions with the shingles or problems caused by installation.

CertainTeed – an overview

certainteed roofing 1CertainTeed manufactures strip, dimensional and premium asphalt shingles. Strip shingles are incredibly lightweight and feature a fiberglass base that adds to their durability. Unlike fiberglass shingles, which can tear or break in high winds, strip asphalt shingles are resistant to breaking. The shingles are often quite affordable, helping to cut down your roofing costs.

Dimensional asphalt shingles are a little more expensive because they are heavier and more durable. The shingles can last for 30 years or longer, and many of the top designs resemble three-tab shingles.

Premium asphalt shingles are the most expensive option from CertainTeed. These shingles are manufactured to resemble more expensive shake or slate shingles.

(You can see the full range of the asphalt shingle varieties offered by CertainTeed by clicking here.)


Atlas Roofing – an overview

atlas roofing1Atlas Roofing manufactures has several types of asphalt shingles that fall into two general categories -- StormMaster® and GlassMaster® shingles.

StormMaster® shingles resemble slate shingles and come in a variety of different colors. They feature a rubberized polymer that increases their durability. Atlas Roofing places a lifetime warranty on these shingles, which are resistant to winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

If you need to install roofing that is more affordable, you might opt for GlassMaster® shingles. These lower-priced shingles have a 30-year warranty and are resistant to algae. You can choose from a wide range of different colors, and the shingles have a traditional design that matches different building styles. Designed with laminated architectural shingles in mind, these shingles feature ceramic-coated granules that increase their decorative appeal and make them look more like fiberglass shingles.

(You can see a full range of the asphalt shingle offered by Atlas by clicking here.)


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