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CertainTeed vs SmartSide siding: a comparison of options

CertainTeed and SmartSide® are two siding suppliers worth considering when it's time to upgrade your home's exterior

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Replacing your existing siding is a great way to improve the exterior beauty and resale value of your home. If you are unsure about what type of siding to choose, you may find that a CertainTeed vs. SmartSide® siding comparison can point you in the right direction.


CertainTeed offers four distinct lines of siding products for your home. You can choose from the following certainteed siding products for your homesiding options:

  • Cedar Impressions® shakes siding
  • WeatherBoards™ fiber cement siding
  • CedarBoards™ insulated siding
  • CertainTeed vinyl siding

Cedar Impressions® shake siding gives your home the look of cedar shakes with polymer siding pieces, which help you avoid the maintenance associated with real wood siding. WeatherBoards™ fiber cement siding also gives you the shake look in another low-maintenance material. CedarBoards™ can protect your home by adding an extra layer of insulation. CertainTeed's vinyl siding collection is one of the most popular siding choices by homeowners and contractors in America and it comes in a variety of colors, styles and product lines. 

For more detailed information about CertainTeed siding options and prices, click here.


SmartSide® siding is a Louisiana-Pacific (LP) product constructed from engineered wood and designed to smartside siding products from lpwithstand the termite damage and fungal decay associated with traditional wood siding. You can choose from the following SmartSide® product lines:

  • Cedar shakes siding
  • Lap siding
  • Panel siding
  • Soffit
  • Trim and fascia

SmartSide® products work and cut just like traditional wood, taking nails and screws for easy installation. They’re factory pre-primed, allowing them to take paint and opening up your options for color chemes and making matching your existing home siding easier. The pre-priming also helps secure adhesion and allows for a more consistent application.

You can learn more about SmartSide® products, prices and options by clicking here.

Comparing the two

In a CertainTeed vs. SmartSide® siding comparison, you'll find that SmartSide® cedar shake siding offers a look comparable to that of CertainTeed's Cedar Impressions® line of siding. Lap siding offers the traditional siding look that many homeowners are accustomed to. Panel siding gives a unique board-and-batten look to your home's exterior. Soffit and trim and fascia can help you add the finishing touches to your new siding.

When you compare CertainTeed siding prices against SmartSide® siding prices, you should keep in mind that different materials will have significantly different costs. Your siding prices will also vary depending on how large your home is. SmartSide® sells many of its siding products through major home improvement retailers such as Lowe's and Home Depot. You can visit one of these stores to get a sense for what you will be paying for materials only, and that may help you when evaluating estimates from different suppliers and contractors.

In a CertainTeed vs. SmartSide® siding comparison, you will find that both companies offer competitive warranty coverage. The SmartSide® warranty includes 100 percent coverage for labor and replacement for five years and a 50-year limited warranty that is prorated on all trim and substrate. CertainTeed offers a similar prorated warranty that includes 100 percent coverage for the first five years and lasts for 50 years in total. 

When you install siding on your home, you are making an investment that you hope will improve your home's value and extend its life. Comparing two leaders such as CertainTeed and SmartSide® will give you a better understandimg of your siding options, and having a qualified contractor in your corner will be a great asset. Reply! can help you find qualified siding contractors in your area eager to help you make the best choice for your home.

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