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  • Champion roofing prices, pros and cons: an overview

Champion roofing prices, pros and cons: an overview

An overview of Champion roofing options by Champion Windows.

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Champion roofingReplacing your roof is a major investment. Champion roofing offers lifetime shingles with patented Advanced Protection Technology, which will help prevent leaks caused by the settling and shifting of your home.

A residential roofing contractor can come out, look at your current roof, and provide you with a roofing estimate for installing asphalt-shingle roofing. Whether you are looking to redo your roof or looking at roof repair, Champion Windows has the products you need to complete the job.

Champion prices are competitive with other roofing companies. Champion Windows shingle types are available in several models and colors with asphalt shingles being the most inexpensive. Most roofs require 13 to 15 squares of roofing shingles with a total cost of around $1,500.

The total roofing cost of shingles plus installation will vary depending on the cost of labor in your area. But you can expect to pay around $3 per square foot. Champion roofing also sells wooden shingles that are significantly more than asphalt shingles. Wood shingles plus install costs will average from five to $7 a square foot.

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Champion roofing has several different shingle styles to choose from. The Camelot II series is one of the most affordable options. They come in several natural color options, and they are constructed of fiberglass asphalt. The Camelot II shingle has a lifetime limited transferable warranty and a 10-year smart protection roofing warranty.

Other styles include the Monaco tile shingles, the Woodland shingles, which have the appearance of hand-cut wood, Timberland HD and the Royal Sovereign line.

When choosing between the different Champion Windows shingles, one thing to consider is while asphalt shingles may be a cheaper initial investment, wood and tile shingles have a longer lifespan. They are also environmentally friendly and provide a thicker insulation barrier to your home.

Wood shingles do require more preparation to install, so the cost of installation can be greater than that of an asphalt roof.

All of Champion roofing shingles offer a leak barrier. Unlike most companies that only install the barrier on the north side of the home, Champion uses the barrier wherever your roof changes direction. This added protection can make a difference during extreme weather conditions.

If you are in the marketplace for a new roof, Champion roofing has a wide selection of products, styles and colors to choose from. Reply! can help you locate a roofing contractor in your area that will help you choose from the options available by Champion Windows.

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