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Champion TimberBond window prices and overview

The Champion TimberBond window line is an attractive alternative to vinyl. Paired with Energy Star glass, the price of the product is worth it.

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Champion TimberBond window prices in CherryChampion replacement windows are custom made for your window openings. When you examine Champion TimberBond window prices, you should consider that the glass in Champion windows has an Energy Star rating, which makes the windows more energy efficient. A windows estimate should also take Champion's lifetime warranty into account as well.

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Champion TimberBond windows provide the warm, luxurious look of real wood with the durability of vinyl.

Simulated wood finishes were available for vinyl windows in the past, but these construction techniques featured gluing veneer and laminated materials onto the vinyl. Veneer and lamination doesn't give you the low maintenance and durability that Champion requires for new windows. These materials tend to delaminate and peel away from the vinyl over time. They can also blister and damage easily, giving these windows an aged appearance.

All Champion windows contain Comfort 365 glass, which is more energy efficient than ordinary glass. It also reduces the amount of ultraviolet radiation that passes through the window.

When you examine Champion TimberBond window prices, take durability into account. Champion TimberBond windows are the most advanced vinyl windows with a wood grain finish currently available. The manufacturing process for these windows bonds the finish to the vinyl using high temperature and pressure. This bond is permanent and is only available in Champion windows.

This bonding process has several advantages such as its ability to reflect heat. TimberBond windows also won't blister, chip, fade or peel.

Champion TimberBond windowsChampion TimberBond windows are designed and manufactured in the United States using state-of-the-art techniques that have been adapted from the automotive industry. TimberBond windows also have the features and lifetime guarantee that's common to other types of Champion windows.

Champion TimberBond window prices include the cost needed to install windows. Installation crews will respect your home, taking care to minimize the disruption to your life and clean up afterwards. These steps will ensure your home looks its best with the new windows.

The installation process begins by carefully removing the old window. The installers place the custom-made windows into the existing space, ensuring that it's level and the insulation seals the gap between the window and the wall of the house. The installer then secures the window into place.

Prior to installation, you should discuss whether you want insulation blown into the area surrounding each window. This will add to the cost of your home improvement project.

Next, the installer applies finishing touches after installing the window such as adding trim on the exterior surface of the window. The installation of Champion windows typically requires only one day. Installers won't charge an additional fee to clean up the debris from the old windows and haul it away.

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