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  • Champion vinyl siding prices, pros and cons: an overview

Champion vinyl siding prices, pros and cons: an overview

The siding material you use will affect the overall look of the structure, making the choice of Champion vinyl siding an important one.

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Champion vinyl sidingChoosing the type of siding you wish to cover your home with is an important part of the building or remodeling process for your home's exterior. The siding material you use will affect the overall look of the structure, making the choice of Champion vinyl siding a vital one that should be made only after considering both the pros and the cons of the siding installation.

Vinyl siding has been marketed to the U.S. homeowners since the 1960s. Thanks to consistently good reviews, by 1995, it was the most popular siding material used throughout the country and remains the primary siding material of choice for American homeowners.

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Part of the reason behind vinyl siding's popularity are the color options available. Champion vinyl siding offers a wide array of colors for your home, from ivory to mocha, providing you with the opportunity to give your home a vibrant and colorful appearance.

The color lasts for years after installation, resisting fading and remaining chip and flake free, unlike traditional painted cladding. There's also little maintenance required for siding upkeep, saving homeowners time and money.

Installation of Champion vinyl siding is generally done by a contractor experienced with the company and its products. The siding is extra-long, with 16-foot panels being used to provide less seams upon installation.

By using Champion-approved installers, you can ensure that the installation is done properly, according to the installation methods put forth by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

A contractor familiar with the product can also be more successful with blending the Champion vinyl siding in smoothly with any Champion windows that you may have installed in your home.

In addition, an approved siding contractor makes certain that the siding installation meets all requirements for the lifetime limited warranty offered by the company.

Before making a final choice to install siding, there are some cons that you should be aware of. Champion vinyl siding is water resistant, not waterproof. A strong rain or snowstorm can push moisture through the panels, so when having siding installed it's important that your contractor use sufficient housewrap to guard against moisture.

Extreme weather can also cause direct damage to the panels themselves, with low temperatures causing brittleness, high temperatures causing distortions, and high winds sometimes bending or breaking the panels.

Fortunately, repair of the siding is easy, with quick replacement of damaged panels once again bringing the look and protection of the home back to normal.

Champion vinyl siding prices are largely dependent on the surface area of your home. Contractors can give you an accurate siding estimate based on your individual home, including siding costs and labor. You can typically find a local contractor listed on Reply! who can carry out the estimate and the installation work.

Prices for Champion vinyl siding can be high, especially for larger homes. Fortunately, financing is available through the company backed by GE Capital that will allow you to enjoy the upgraded look of the new cladding as soon as possible.

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