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Champion vs Affinity windows: a comparison guide

hen choosing between Champion vs. Affinity windows, you should first find out more about the materials and options each of them offers.

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Whether you want to purchase windows for your newly built home or you simply want buy replacement windows, you might be wondering which type is best for your home. When choosing between Champion vs. Affinity windows, you should first find out more about the materials and options each of them offers.

Affinity windows

Champion vs Affinity windowsAffinity windows can be placed on a wide variety of constructed structures, including residential constructions, low-rise apartments or even park homes.

Depending on the size and shape of the space you want to place the new windows in, you can opt for several types of windows such as sliding, awning or casement windows.

If you're opting for the Affinity windows, you can also chose to have them customized, ensuring your home's specific needs are perfectly met. Custom Affinity windows feature a special Powdercoat finish that comes in various colors, so you can opt for the one that will best fit your home's interior and exterior settings.

Of course, when deciding between Champion vs. Affinity windows, you'll want to know which one will offer you the best materials and features. Another important aspect is selecting the most convenient package from a wide range of options that include different window prices. This is why it's recommended to first request a windows estimate to help you narrow down your options.

Affinity windows can include various features such as energy-efficient glass, heavy-duty components suitable for high wind load areas or anti-lifting devices.

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Champion Windows

Champion offers vinyl windows that are widely renowned for their high quality. When opting for Champion Windows, you'll benefit from installation services along with a lifetime window warranty that includes both the materials and the installation process. The guarantee can even be transferred to a subsequent owner.

Similar to Affinity, Champion also offers plenty of options you can choose from. These include various shapes, sizes and modern technologies that provide energy efficiency. You can choose between double-hung, casement, slider or picture windows, or even opt for special designs such as ColorBond and TimberBond windows.

For example, the ColorBond windows are specially designed vinyl replacement windows that come in a wider range of color choices than usual windows. Featuring low levels of volatile organic compounds and a lead- and chromate-free construction, these windows are a great choice if you love environmentally friendly designs.

Once you've explored all the options and special features each of these manufacturers offer, you can make a more informed decision regarding Champion vs. Affinity windows. Your options entirely depend on your home's requirements, your personal preferences, and your budget.

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