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Champion vs All Seasons: a comparison guide

If you are serious about improving the energy efficiency of your home, start by comparing window brands like Champion vs. All Seasons.

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Old windows tend to leak air due to worn seals or an improper fit. If you are serious about improving the energy efficiency of your home, start by comparing window brands like Champion vs. All Seasons. Both companies offer a wide range of designs to complement the look of your home.

A full set of replacement windows could increase your home's value while lowering your heating and cooling bills. When comparing options from Champion vs. All Seasons, you need to understand that neither company posts window prices for consumers to check. You can request specific pricing information from the company or through a contractor.

Champion Windows

Champion vs All Seasons windowsChampion Windows come in a variety of styles. All of the models offered as both replacement and new windows feature vinyl frames made from virgin materials for the highest durability. Your options include:

    • Double-hung and casement: Open both sashes of a double-hung model for better ventilation, or admire your garden through a big casement window. These vinyl windows are only available in limited color options.
    • Picture: Adding a large bay window to your living room can open up the space without the extra cost of an actual addition. Options range from picture windows with multiple panes to useful garden windows.
    • Colorbond and Timberbond: If you need a more dynamic look for your exterior, try the colorful options in the Colorbond line. Timberbond windows feature a realistic wood grain finish bonded permanently with the vinyl material.

The warranties offered by Champion vs. All Seasons also helps Champion stand out. Lifetime coverage is provided for defects, installation issues, failure of the seals, ripped screens and accidents with the glass.

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All Seasons Windows

Before you call a contractor to install windows from All Seasons, you must choose which type of frame material best fits your needs. All Seasons windows come with vinyl or aluminum frames. The options for vinyl products are:

    • 140 Series: These casement windows use heavy-duty hardware to ensure a smooth cranking action when you need ventilation. Double strips on the sashes ensure an airtight fit.
    • 8400 Series: You can pick a single-hung design, a space-saving horizontal slider option or a basic fixed frame window. Virgin vinyl is used for this line.

If aluminum would be a better fit, consider options like:

    • 100 Series: An inexpensive option for homeowners who just need basic windows with a durable seal.
    • 200 Series: A lifetime warranty and extra layer of weatherstripping helps this line of products stand out from other aluminum options.
    • 400 Series Thermal: For the best energy efficiency boost, choose these optimized windows with three color options.

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