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Champion vs CertainTeed vinyl siding: a comparison guide

If you want vinyl siding for your home, perform a Champion versus CertainTeed vinyl siding comparison.

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If you want vinyl siding for your home, perform a Champion vs. CertainTeed vinyl siding comparison. You want a product that is not only functional, but also adds to the curbside appeal of your home.

Champion vinyl siding

Champion vs CertainTeed vinyl siding. Shown here is Champion siding.Champion Windows was an aluminum-window manufacturer when it was created in 1953, and they continue to produce windows. This company currently manufactures vinyl siding for residences. It also developed the certification program currently used by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

A comparison of Champion vs. CertainTeed vinyl siding shows that Champion manufactures siding that resembles real wood. This vinyl siding has the texture of cedar and tight seams that are almost invisible, especially with the shadow lines over the seams.

You can install siding from Champion by snapping the panels together easily. These panels are 16 feet in length, which reduces the number of seams in the siding. An installation of Champion vinyl strips also includes steel start strips to prevent the panels from sagging over time.

A siding estimate should take the warranty on Champion products into account. Champion offers a lifetime warranty on installation and all components of the vinyl siding. This warranty replaces covered vinyl siding that develops blisters, corrosion, peeling or pits.

The warranty also protects the siding from chalking and hail damage. The original owner is fully covered, and the warranty may be transferred to subsequent homeowners as described by the warranty.

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CertainTeed vinyl siding

CertainTeed vinyl sidingThe General Roofing Manufacturing Company was founded in 1904, and it's now known as CertainTeed Corporation. This company is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding and other building materials in the United States.

A Champion versus CertainTeed vinyl siding comparison indicates that vinyl siding from CertainTeed is available in a range of finishes that provide the closest resemblance to real wood in the industry.

A siding contractor may use CertainTeed vinyl siding for new construction as well as remodeling in residences.

CertainTeed's Classic vinyl siding is available in three profiles, including double 4-inch clapboard, double 4 1/4-inch dutch lap and double 5-inch clapboard. These vinyl panels have a cedar finish and are available in 14 colors. The panels are 0.044-inch thick, the projection is 5/8-inch long, and the depth of the accessory pocket is 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch.

Reviews of CertainTeed siding show that the warranty protects these products from manufacturing defects. CertainTeed has the option to replace, refinish or repair the vinyl siding. The company may also decide to refund the cost of the siding and installation.

The CertainTeed warranty lasts for the lifetime of the product so long as the original owner lives in the home. The coverage for subsequent owners is prorated beginning from the date of the vinyl siding's installation.

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