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  • Champion vs DuraBuilt vinyl siding: a comparison guide

Champion vs DuraBuilt vinyl siding: a comparison guide

Take a peek at our Champion versus DuraBuilt vinyl siding guide. Both companies offer quality vinyl siding, but which is right for you?

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Champion vs DuraBuilt vinyl siding. Shown here is Champion.Vinyl siding is becoming one of the most popular home exterior options in the world. When looking at Champion vs. DuraBuilt vinyl siding, they both have excellent reputations for their products. However, choosing one of them may be difficult. 

Both companies specialize in home exteriors. Even though Champion is commonly known as Champion Windows, while DuraBuilt is often called DuraBuilt Vinyl Siding, neither company is necessarily better than the other.

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Champion started out as a window company that expanded its horizons to include multiple home improvement services, including sunroom renovation, roofing and home exteriors. DuraBuilt only supplies vinyl siding. While it may seem that going with the company that specializes only in vinyl siding is the best choice, that is not necessarily the case.

DuraBuilt has an estimation guide to make it easier than ever to receive a siding estimate. However, Champion does not list their prices online. Request free estimates from area contractors to find out siding and installation costs.

DuraBuilt SidingDuraBuilt has the edge over Champion in this regard. DuraBuilt's estimation guide is very interactive, and it even comes with a visual aid. This saves homeowners a considerable amount of time.

While neither company has direct pricing estimates available, both companies have extensive options available for prices that most homeowners can afford. Depending on the measurements of your house and how many windows and doors it has, prices vary drastically.

The final price of the project will be further influenced by which siding contractor you hire to install siding.

As far as warranties go, both Champion and DuraBuilt offer lifetime warranty options for their vinyl siding.

Overall, customer reviews heavily favor Champion. Champion allows customer reviews on its website while DuraBuilt does not. There are few DuraBuilt reviews available on other websites, and those reviews are mixed.

While customers are usually satisfied with the product and cost, there are occasional complaints about DuraBuilt's customer service and the length of time it takes for the product to arrive.

Champion seems to surpass DuraBuilt as far as customer service and satisfaction are concerned. This round of the Champion vs. DuraBuilt vinyl siding debate certainly goes to Champion.

Whether you choose Champion or DuraBuilt, you know you are investing in a product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Both companies have good reputations for quality products and affordable prices.

Which side of the Champion vs. DuraBuilt vinyl siding debate you fall on should ultimately depend on which company offers the better price for your individual home and whether or not you need the product quickly.

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First photo: Champion vinyl siding. Second photo: DuraBuilt Siding.