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  • Champion vs Georgia Pacific Siding vinyl siding: a comparison guide

Champion vs Georgia Pacific Siding vinyl siding: a comparison guide

Besides differences in warranty, a Champion vs Georgia Pacific Siding vinyl siding comparison shows one uses sustainable materials.

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Every single dent and scratch on your current siding can catch the eye, making your home look old and just plain dirty. Before you attack the siding with a pressure washer or a paintbrush, compare Champion vs. Georgia Pacific siding. New vinyl siding makes your home stand out with little effort on your part.

Champion vinyl siding

Champion vs Georgia Pacific Siding vinyl siding. Shown here is Campion vinyl siding.If you only know Champion because the company makes windows, you're missing out. While Champion windows are a great choice for many homes, you should also take a look at the company's vinyl siding. You can choose from seventeen different colors of siding, and those shades include some neutral colors and a few brighter and bolder shades.

The company uses longer pieces of siding that reduce the number of seams. The installer will use special products underneath that keep the siding pieces from bowing or breaking.

Champion can even work with you to make the job a little more affordable. You can apply for financing that lets you pay off the siding costs over time. 

Seek free quotes from area contractors on Champion and Georgia Pacific vinyl siding!

Georgia Pacific Siding

Durability is something you should look at when comparing Champion versus Georgia Pacific siding. Vinyl siding doesn't fade, giving you freedom from painting and staining, and you can clean the siding with plain water.

Georgia Pacific SidingGeorgia Pacific siding uses sustainable materials that let you install siding without worrying about damaging the environment. Each siding panel has a thicker design than other types of siding, which can help you when it comes to your energy bills.

Georgia Pacific siding provides more insulation for your home, keeping your house protected when it comes to drafts and cold air.

Warranty info

Whether you call a siding contractor for a siding estimate or read reviews of siding companies, you're bound to come across warranty information. The warranty is one of the most important factors when comparing Champion and Georgia Pacific siding. Vinyl siding can break down or fail, but a good warranty will cover that damage.

Champion's lifetime warranty covers the installation of the siding and any materials. The warranty also covers hail and damage from other environmental elements.

Georgia Pacific also offers a lifetime warranty. This warranty transfers to other owners if you sell your home later. The company has different warranties available for different products and types of siding too.

The day you decide to add vinyl siding or replace your old siding is the day you'll feel excited about coming home. You'll want to host parties and invite loved ones over just to show off your new house.

Find out if vinyl is the right option for you by comparing vinyl siding to other materials at Reply! You can also find the resources you need to compare Champion vs. Georgia Pacific siding to other brands. Vinyl siding comes in different colors and styles, letting you pick the best fit for your home.

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