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Champion vs Henry asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

You may find yourself maing a Champion vs. Henry comparison when choosing roofing products.

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You may find yourself maing a Champion vs. Henry comparison when choosing roofing products. To help, seek out a roofing estimate from quality contractors in your area.

Champion roofing

Champion vs Henry roofingChampion Windows Manufacturing, Inc., primarily manufactured aluminum storm doors and windows when it was founded in 1953. Its core business today is vinyl siding and windows, although it also makes residential roofing products.

A Champion vs. Henry comparison shows that Champion shingles have a variety of features that offer protection for your home. These include the following:

    • Lifetime shingles.
    • Leak barrier.
    • Roof deck protection.
    • Fastening.

Lifetime Shingles from Champion have Advanced Protection Technology that increases the lifespan of these shingles. Champion shingles also have a flexible self-healing leak barrier that protects your house from leaks caused by settling and severe weather.

TigerPaw roof deck protection offers a strong layer of protection against wind-driven rain when you install asphalt shingle roofing from Champion.

The fastening system on Champion shingles uses six shank nails to increase adhesion to the roof.

A variety of Champion Windows shingle types are available at affordable prices. Timberline shingles are thicker and use color blends with shadow effects to achieve the look of real wood.

Royal Sovereign shingles offer a choice of color blends that provide a clean, classic appearance.

Champion prices for Camelot II shingles are low, but they have a beautiful, stylish look.

Woodland shingles are also affordable, although they look like traditional European shingles.

Monaco shingles offer up to 70 percent in savings, although they look like real European tile.

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Henry roofing

Henry Company has been in business for more than 75 years. This company makes a range of building materials, including roofing and sealants.

A comparison of Champion vs. Henry shows that Henry shingles have the following features:

    • Rubberized asphalt.
    • Modified bitumen.
    • Self-adhered membranes.
    • Built-up roofing.

Hot rubberized asphalt shingles have the lowest Henry prices. These shingles find use in type IV and type VI roofing systems.

Shingles made from modified bitumen are designed to withstand severe weather, and the self-adhered membranes are easy to install with common hand tools.

Built-up roofing is most useful as protection from heavy wind and rain.

Henry shingles have a roofing warranty that covers manufacturing defects but not damage caused by equipment, weather or workmanship. Henry will replace the defective product at no charge to the consumer for the lifetime of the product, assuming the defect substantially affects the performance of the product.

This warranty assumes the product has been installed according to the written instructions. The warranty on Henry shingles is only in effect while the purchaser of the product owns the building.

Once you've completed your Champion vs. Henry comparison and determined which products best meet your needs, turn to Reply! to find a qualified contractor in your area who can give you a roofing cost estimate.

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