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Champion vs JELD-WEN windows: a comparison guide

When it comes to Champion vs JELD-WEN windows, energy efficiency may be the deal breaker.

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Whether you're building a new home or renovating an old one, your choice of windows to install is one that can lead to years of savings if done correctly. Before you make your decision, you should do a direct comparison between Champion vs. JELD-WEN windows to determine which brand is best for your home.


Champion vs JELD-WEN windows — it can be a touch choice. Shown here is Champion Windows.When you're comparing Champion windows to JELD-WEN windows, it's important to look at the energy efficiency of both products. Champion Windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The full line of Champion Windows contains the company's most effective energy-efficient elements, allowing the window buyer to concentrate primarily on the appearances and styles of the windows rather than how they differ in terms of insulation.

A major part of Champion's energy efficiency is the Comfort 365 glass it uses in its windows. The glass is designed to reduce the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the home, keeping the house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

In addition, the glass stops UV rays that may cause fading in carpets, drapes or furnishings. The glass alone provides an efficiency increase of 35 percent over traditional dual-pane windows in the winter and 41 percent in the summer.

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JELD-WEN Energy Star windowsJELD-WEN windows take a different approach to energy efficiency than Champion Windows. In the comparison between Champion vs. JELD-WEN windows, you'll find that the JELD-WEN offerings use a range of energy-efficient options, though some windows provide smaller energy savings than others due to the variety of implemented designs.

For example, while basic JELD-WEN windows may be Energy Star compliant due to their dual-pane construction and vinyl frames, which reduce heat exchange, additional technologies are available for some windows that increase the efficiency even further.

Energy Saver Plus glass can be purchased instead of dual-pane glass. You can also choose Low-E glass, which uses a reflective surface to block as much as 95 percent of radiant heat, preventing the heat from transferring through the glass into the home's interior.

Models and style

When looking at Champion vs. JELD-WEN windows, homeowners will notice that both brands are capable of providing extensive savings on heating and cooling costs due to the efficiency of the windows. This makes the choice between the two brands more a matter of personal taste in the look and style of the two window types.

Both brands come with double- and single-hung window choices, as well as open casement window options. Each company also has a variety of colors and framing materials available to match the rest of your home's exterior decor.

Before you decide to install the windows, however, you should get a windows estimate that covers both the window prices and the cost of labor. You can get an estimate from any experienced windows contractor, many of whom can be found in the listings available at Reply!

Once you've gotten an estimate, you should have a clearer view of the choices available for new windows for your home. This should allow you make a final comparison between Champion vs. JELD-WEN windows that will help you choose a brand, as well as the particular window models that will give you the best look and increase the house's curb appeal.

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Photo credits: Champion Windows and JELD-WEN.