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  • Champion vs Kolbe & Kolbe windows: a comparison guide

Champion vs Kolbe & Kolbe windows: a comparison guide

Comparing Champion vs. Kolbe & Kolbe windows can help to make your choice a bit easier.

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Champion vs Kolbe & Kolbe windowsWhether you're looking at installing new windows for a home you're building or replacement windows for an existing home, choosing the right window can make a big difference. Comparing Champion vs. Kolbe & Kolbe windows can help to make that choice a bit easier.

By knowing what each brand has to offer, you can pick the window that works best for your home, improving its curb appeal in the process.

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In any comparison of Champion vs. Kolbe & Kolbe windows, you should look primarily at the energy efficiency of the window offerings.

Champion Windows come in many types and styles, and each window sports the company's Comfort 365 glass. This glass is manufactured to provide a high energy efficiency rating by resisting the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the house. During summer months, this keeps the house cooler. During the colder winter months, heat is kept inside the home to keep the structure warmer. With this reduction in heat exchange, heating and cooling bills are both lowered significantly. The glass is also treated to block most UV rays, keeping fabrics that are exposed to the sun from fading.

Kolbe & Kolbe takes a different approach to energy efficiency than Champion does. While Champion uses a single type of glass to provide the same basic level of efficiency throughout its product line, Kolbe & Kolbe offers a variety of windowpane choices.

You can get most of Kolbe & Kolbe's product line with double- or triple-pane glass installed, as well as a special low-e coating that aids in preventing heat transfer. The company fills the spaces between multiple panes of glass with argon gas for further efficiency.

Kolbe & Kolbe windowsWhere Kolbe & Kolbe excels, however, is in the creation of impact-resistant glass for its products. Several of the window models come with the company's K-Force upgrade, which prepares the windows for use in hurricane-affected areas where wind-driven debris may be a concern.

While you're comparing Champion vs. Kolbe & Kolbe windows, you should also look into the various window exteriors available for each brand.

Champion windows feature a vinyl construction for increased durability, and they can also be filled with foam to add insulation. You can also get these windows with a wood casing that is covered with PVC-coated aluminum colored to your specifications so that you'll never have to paint the windows again. Custom sizing is also available from Champion, so you can choose the window style you desire in a size that fits your architectural needs.

Kolbe & Kolbe has plenty of choices as well, including aluminum cladding and vinyl window construction. You also have a variety of options for the interiors of your Kolbe & Kolbe windows, including a choice of wood around the frame to match your home's interior design.

Before you decide to install windows from either brand, you should have a contractor give you an estimate of window prices that includes the price of labor. You can find a contractor via Reply!

windows estimate should make the decision between Champion vs. Kolbe & Kolbe windows a bit easier, allowing you to choose the brand and style of window that best suits the look of your home and the budget that you have in mind.

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First photo: Champion Windows. Second: Kolbe & Kolbe windows.