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Champion vs Owens asphalt roofing: a comparison guide

One of the dilemmas you will face is which type of roofing to use. The first step is to do some research and look at Champion vs. Owens asphalt shingles.

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If you are a homeowner, there will come a time when you will have to deal with roof repairs. One of the dilemmas you will face is which type of roofing to use. The first step is to do some research and look at Champion vs. Owens asphalt shingles.

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Champion roofing

Champion vs OwensWhen you are looking at Champion vs. Owens roofing shingles, you could start with Champion Windows shingle types.

You have the choice of Standard glass-seal fiberglass asphalt shingles with three tabs or Heritage shingles. Standard shingles are available in desert tan and white. Heritage shingles are considered an upgraded version of the glass-seal shingles.

These shingles have an easy-to-see nailing zone for installation accuracy and the featured Tamko's superior asphalt adhesive to create a strong laminated bond. Heritage shingles also have a beautiful shadow tone that adds depth and dimension to the shingles, which resembles a wood shake.

The bottoms of the shingles have a self-sealing strip of asphalt to improve wind resistance.

The Heritage shingles are available in green, white, rustic cedar and desert tan. 

Features of Champion shingles:

    • Wind resistant for gusts up to 150 mph.
    • Class A fire rating, which is the highest available for residential products.
    • Weather-grade asphalt coating protects the roof from water.
    • Heavy-duty fiberglass mat on the Heritage products provide extra strength and protection.
    • Ceramic mineral granules to reflect the sun's light.
    • 20 – 30 year limited roofing warranty.

What makes Champion unique is that they use satellite images, called EagleView, to accurately measure your home to determine how many shingles will be needed. This also protects your home from damage that may occur from having people walking on your roof to obtain measurements. 

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Owens shingles are available in six different styles, including Supreme, Oakridge, Berkshire, TruDefinition Duration, TrueDefiniton Duration Designer Colors and Duration Premium Cool Shingles.

Each type has their own special features and they all come in a wide range of colors, including Aspen gray, Frosted oak, Desert tan, Driftwood, Onyx black, Estate gray, Harbor blue, Aged copper and Merlot storm cloud.

Owens shingles are specially made to resist algae growth and are coated with Scotchguard to prevent discoloration. 

Features of Owens shingles:

    • Wind resistant for gusts up to 110 mph.
    • Class A fire rating,
    • Weather-grade asphalt provides protection from water.
    • Water-tight thanks to a heat-activated strip that bonds the shingles together.
    • Fiberglas mat provides higher weather protection, greater fire resistance and longer life.
    • Mineral granules of various colors reflect the sun's rays and are stylish.
    • Limited product warranties are available from 20 to 50 years.

If this all seems like it is too much, you can hire a skilled contractor to install asphalt shingle roofing on your home. When you hire a contractor, you know the job will be done quickly and efficiently. The contractor can give you a quote for Champion prices and Owens prices. You can think about Champion vs. Owens and let the price be the deciding factor.

If you have questions about Champion vs. Owens asphalt roofing, ask your contractor. He will be knowledgable about unique roofing requirements for your area.

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